Land Day

4 April 2013

On March 30th a number of citizens from the town of Beit Ommar joined by Youth Power participated in the town’s weekly demonstration. Demonstrators walked towards an area of land that has been threatened of being confiscated by the Israeli army, which is near Karmie Tzors settlement. The demonstration was in honour of international Land Day.

Protesters raised banners and Palestinian flags demonstrating their right and ownership of the rural land. The occupied forces dispersed after approximately one hour of shooting tear gas, sound bombs and life bullets in the direction of the protestors. The Israeli Occupation Forces arrested the journalist Abed Alhafez Alhashlamon for only a few hours. Soldiers also violently attacked the secretary of the popular committee, Ahmad Abu Hashem and a number of other participants.

This day marks the memory of the martyrs who died on land day in Sakhnin West Bank, Palestine in 1967.Those who stood against the occupation and tried to protect the fertile land and village’s in these areas many people died while trying to protect the land, the citizen of Beit Ommar commemorate their lives.