Clashes in Beit Ommar

6 April 2013

On April the 2nd 2013, confrontations between the citizens of Beit Ommar and the Israeli Occupation Forces broke out. Clashes took place inside the village, demonstrators expressed their anger over the condemnation of the Israel Prisoners. The protestors claimed that the recent death of prisoner, Maysar Abu Hamdiya was in fact the fault and responsibility of the Israeli authorities for severe negligence, brutal treatment of the prisoners. The Palestinian protestors made claim that it was medical negligence which lead to the prisoner death who was suffering from cancer. Maysar Abu Hamdiya had been sentenced to life in prison. The death of a prisoner in the West Bank always sparks mass demonstrations across the territory.

The soldiers shot tear gas and rubber coated bullets at the demonstrators. The violent repression of the protest injured more than fifty people. People were hit with rubber bullets and were choked by tear gas. The confrontations took place near the elementary school in the Asida zone, the clashes continued until late into the night.