Non-violent Activists Attacked by Soldiers Shooting Tear Gas

13 April 2013

Today PSP, the Popular Committee of Beit Ommar and Youth Power of Palestine organised an action in the village of Beit Ommar. PSP and the Popular Committee have been organising weekly demonstrations for years.

The Palestinian, Israeli and International activists gathered outside of Karme Tzure settlement, south of the centre of Beit Ommar. The activists wanted to get as close to the fence to the settlement as possible, to demonstrate their right to walk on their own land.

As soon as the demonstrators had arrived in the area, the soldiers started shooting tear gas straight towards the non-violent activists. Children, women and youth fled the fields so they were not hit by the tear gas canisters. Once the protesters left the scene the soldiers fired rubber bullets.

The message of today’s protest was to show solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons. For years, Palestinian peace activists have tried to raise the world’s awareness on the barbaric and unjust fate of the prisoners. Even with means as torture and imprisonment under horrible conditions Israel have not managed to silence the Palestinian resistance against the occupation.