Former Hunger Striker Arrested Once Again

15 April 2013

Tha’er Halahlah, the famous Palestinian (former) hunger striker, has once again been arrested by the Israeli Occupation Forces.

Halahlah participated in a hunger strike in protest of his administrative detention, without charge and trial, by the Israeli Occupation Forces. After 77 days without food, he was finally released on the 5th of June, 2012. He had been imprisoned for almost three years.

Halahlah has previously told PSP that by his 60th day without food, he had began to believe he would die, and by his 70th day, he had lost hope that he would ever see his family again. Halahlah’s wife described the days of his strike as the most difficult moments of her life, explaining that she was constantly worried about his condition and of how much he was suffering. She stated that the conflicting media updates, which alternated between confirming him alive and announcing him dead, were extremely upsetting.

Thaer with his wife and daughter

Despite the hardships experienced by him and his family, Halahlah is determined to continue his fight against the occupation; however, he is now in prison once again. Early on the 9th of April, at 2 a.m. in the morning, Israeli soldiers came to Halahlah’s house in the village of Haraas in the Hebron district. The soldiers threatened Halahlah’s wife and daughter with violence and dragged him away from his family.

Halahlah was taken to Maskobia Prison in Jerusalem, a former church that was transformed into a prison by Israel. So far no one has been allowed to visit him, not even his lawyer, human rights organizations, or the Red Crescent. His body is still weak after his heroic hunger strike and he is in urgent need of medical attention.