Violent Clashes Between Palestinian Youth and IOF

21 April 2013

On the afternoon of April 19th violent clashes erupted between Beit Ommar youth and the Israeli Occupation Forces. The clashes took place close to the central market and the cemetery in the village of Beit Ommar and lasted for several hours.

The soldiers shot a lot of tear gas leaving dozens of people suffocating. The IOF also used rubber bullets and several people were injured because they were shot. Two persons were brought to the hospital with serious injuries; one person shot in his neck and the other person was shot in the hand that left him with a broken bone. The Israeli Occupation Forces even tried to prevent the medical people from the Red Crescent from doing their job.

Member of the Popular Committee in Beit Ommar and contact for local media, Ahmad Abu Hashem, filmed the clashes from a roof top at a house nearby. The soldiers came and asked him to stop but he refused. The soldiers then kicked him and tried to throw him of the roof.

During this afternoon the soldiers also occupied the houses of Mohammed Hammad Abu Marya and Mohammed Ahmad Mostafa Awad. The IOF shot tear gas inside the houses and the two families were all suffocating from the tear gas.