Balloon Release During the Weekly Protest

26 April 2013

Friday 26th of April the Popular Committee of Beit Ommar, PSP, members of the Women Committee together with international and Israeli activists organized their weekly demonstration near the settlement of Karmei Tzur.

The demonstrators had prepared one hundred balloons filled with helium. The activists made a parade, chanting slogans and carrying Palestinian flags and the balloons to the scene. Written messages with names of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails were attached to the balloons and released into the air.

The activists managed to get to the gate of Karmei Tzur. One of the settlers living there, Ilyaho, told the soldiers to open the gate and to push the demonstrators away. He shouted at the Palestinian activists that this was not their land and he insulted them by saying bad things about Mohammed, the prophet. Ilyaho spitted at the non-violent demonstrators. The soldiers were asked to removed the settler from the scene however the soliders refused.

The soldiers informed the activists that the area is declared a closed military zone by the Israeli Occupation Forces. The peaceful activists answered that they have the right to be in their own land and that it is, in fact, the settlers and the soldiers that don’t have the right to be there.