Youths from Beit Ommar Injured by Israeli Soldiers

13 May 2013

On Friday 10th of May 2013, twenty people were injured in a clashes in the town of Beit Ommar between the IOF and the people of Beit Ommar, including two head injury and three injury moved to the hospital in Hebron, seventeen of them were treated in the field.

Three injured in their heads by rubber bullets, Ibrahem Fathe Mohammad Awad 21 years old injured in the back of his head and moved to Alahli hospital, Imad Ahmad Khalel Abu Hashem 24 years old he injured by rubber bullets in his head and moved to Alya Hospital in Hebron and Ibrahem Khalel Mahmoud Abu Dayya 22 years old he injured by four rubber bullets in a different places in his, they all at the hospital and they are in a good health now.

The Red Crescent volunteers they treated 17 injuries, their injuries ranged from the upper and lower sides from their bodies, and the old lady Hilwa Abed Alfattah Sabarna 70 years old she suffered suffocation from tear gas because the soldiers shoot some into her house.

The IOF shoot live Bullets towards the car of Saber Ali Aldawada, the car was parked in front of his home and there is no one inside it. The soldiers also came to the roofs of some houses in the area of Beit Ze’ta which focused confrontations and dozens of the people who living there suffered suffocation from the tear gas and they treated in field.

This clashes it comes against what the Israeli army is doing to the people of the town of Beit Ummar and and in solidarity with the prisoners inside Israeli jails.