Night Raid in Beit Ommar

15 May 2013

On the 13th of May 2013 at 3:30am, a military force about fourteen soldiers stormed the area of Abu Hashem’s family, they searched the area by dogs for more one hour, after that the moved to the down town, while they moving before trapping the house of the former Mayor Nasri Sabarna they were shooting fire, tear gas and sound bombs.

Where some of the soldiers climbed some nearby rooftops overlooking the home of Nasri Sabarna, after that the IOF and the Israeli intelligence stormed the house of Mr. Nasri, they start searching the house and outside the house, the children were crying, the women were screaming.

The Israeli officer start asking many questions for Nasri and his son Yousef, the officer explained to them that they came here to arrest Nasri’s son Ahmad Nasri Sabarna but he wasn’t at the house.

The IOF gave Nasri and his four sons intimation’s to meet the Israeli intelligence in Gush Etzion at
9:00 am next day, and they are the father Nasri Sabarna, his sons the oldest Rashed Sabarna, Yousef Sabarna, and the wanted one Ahmad Sabarna “Ahmad Nasri Sabarna he arrested several times before by the IOF.

When the IOF finished in that house they start shooting a huge amount of tear gas to cover the soldiers while they leaving the area.