16 May 2013

On the 15th of May 2013, the people of Beit Ommar organized a protest of men, women and children. They walked the streets of Beit Ommar toward the entrance were the demonstrators chanted slogans, they arrived at the entrance, the soldiers had already closed the main road that connects Jerusalem to Hebron. Minutes after the soldiers came and dispersed the demonstrators by using tear gas and sound bombs.

When the clashes began seventeen people were injured with rubber coated bullets. The demonstrators and many people who are living in the area suffered from the suffocating effect of the tear gas. Two people suffered injuries to their heads from the rubber coated bullets, they are now in stable condition.

The clashes continued late into the night and the entrance to the village which leads to the main road of the town remained closed because of the intensity of the clashes. The soldiers attacked journalists and the paramedics. The worst and most shocking was the Israeli soldiers were caught deliberately throwing tear gas inside the ambulance that were moving the injured people to the hospital.