Friday Clashes in Beit Ommar

19 May 2013

On the 17th of May 2013, there was clashes near the cemetery at the entrance of the town of Beit Ommar. Friday is the holiday in Palestine and clashes between Israeli soldiers and the youth are a weekly occurrence. During the clashes the soldiers arrested Qutayba Naser Sabarna 15 years old and beat him brutally in front of his family when they came to take him home. The soldiers started to shoot tear gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets everywhere in the area, causing injuries to Ibtesam Sa’ed Sabarna 48 years old, Hoda Hosen Sabarna 45 years old, Ahmad Naser Sabarna 20 years old, Marwan Mohammad Hasan Sabarna 18 years old and others.

The Israeli occupation forces occupied some roof tops of Palestinian homes to shoot tear gas at the people, one of the houses belonging to Mohammad Ahmad Mostafa Awad. The Israeli occupation forces attacked Ahmad Abu Hashem because he was filming the clashes. Israeli occupation forces moved to another area called Aseda zone, they shot a huge amount of tear gas causing many people to suffer from the suffocating effects of the gas. The soldiers also shoot tear gas straight at Mohammad Salem Alami’s house which caught on fire damaging parts of his home. The border police destroyed the car of Ibrahim Mostafa Sabarna by shooting rubber bullets and live ammunition towards the empty vehicle. Two ambulances were at the scene to treat the injuries and transport some of the injured people to the hospital.