Joint statement by Beit Ommar Popular Committee and Palestine Solidarity Project

20 May 2013

This morning of May 20th, 2013, at approximately 11 a.m. our time, we were made aware of the presence of a Nazi flag hanging from electrical lines in our village of Beit Ommar. We immediately attempted to have the flag removed but had to wait for the Israeli military to approve our equipment because the flag was hanging in area of the village designated Area C (under full Israeli military control).

The Popular Committee and PSP express our complete disgust with the display of the swastika. in our village. It in no way represents the people of Beit Ommar, or of Palestine. We are against Israeli governmental policy, colonialism, and apartheid but not Jewish people themselves, and condemn any adoption of fascist, racist, or anti-Semitic language or symbols for the Palestinian cause for freedom and liberation.

Beit Ommar is a town of over 17,000 residents, and the act of one individual should not be implied to represent our community as a whole.