Month Report Newsletter

2 June 2013

Month Report Newsletter
On Friday the 3rd of May 2013, dozens of settlers from the settlement of Keryat Arba attacked Beit Omar. They accused the villagers of throwing stones at their cars on the main road that connects Jerusalem and Hebron which passes the entrance to the town of Beit Omar.
On Friday May 10th 2013 clashes broke out in the town of Beit Omar between the IOF and the people of the village. The violence began because the villagers demonstrated their continued solidarity with the prisoners under administrative detention in Israeli jails.
Twenty people were injured in a clashes in the town of Beit Omar between the IOF and the people of Beit Omar, including two head injuries and three other injures moved to the hospital in Hebron, seventeen of them were treated in the field.

At 3:30am, a military force about fourteen soldiers stormed the area of Abu Hashem’s family, they searched the area with dogs for more one hour, after that they moved down town, while they moving they occupied the house of the former Mayor Nasri Sabarna they were shooting fire, tear gas and sound bombs. The IOF arrested Saif Naseem Mahmoud Meseif Sabarna 18 years old, he is living on the street Jerusalem – Hebron.
On the 15th of May 2013, the people of Beit Omar organized a protest of men, women and children. They walked the streets of Beit Omar toward the entrance were the demonstrators chanted slogans, they arrived at the entrance, the soldiers had already closed the main road that connects Jerusalem to Hebron. Minutes after the soldiers came and dispersed the demonstrators by using tear gas and sound bombs.
On the 17th of May 2013, there was clashes near the cemetery at the entrance of the town of Beit Omar. Friday is the holiday in Palestine and clashes between Israeli soldiers and the youth are a weekly occurrence. During the clashes the soldiers arrested Qutayba Naser Sabarna 15 years old and beat him brutally in front of his family when they came to take him home. The soldiers started to shoot tear gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets everywhere in the area
This morning of May 20th, 2013, at approximately 11 a.m. our time, we were made aware of the presence of a Nazi flag hanging from electrical lines in our village of Beit Omar. We immediately attempted to have the flag removed but had to wait for the Israeli military to approve our equipment because the flag was hanging in area of the village designated Area C (under full Israeli military control).
The Popular Committee and PSP express our complete disgust with the display of the swastika. in our village. It in no way represents the people of Beit Omar, or of Palestine. We are against Israeli governmental policy, colonialism, and apartheid but not Jewish people themselves, and condemn any adoption of fascist, racist, or anti-Semitic language or symbols for the Palestinian cause for freedom and liberation.
Beit Omar is a town of over 17,000 residents, and the act of one individual should not be implied to represent our community as a whole.
On the 20th of May 2013, the Israeli occupation forces stormed Beit Omar town and they were searching for something in the farm lands and houses using dogs and automatic machines “some of these house belongs to Jamal Hasan” the Israeli occupation forces were looking for his sons Rabe’ 17 years old and Malik 15 years, they are ex-prisoners and they also raided the house of Yaser Mohammad Zaqeeq looking for his son Ahmad 19 years old an ex-prisoner, but the IOF didn’t find any of the youths.
On the 24th of May 2013; Early friday morning dozens of settlers tried to storm Al-Aroub refugee camp under the protection of the israeli occupation forces but people from camp confronted them by peaceful means thus the settlers retreated. After this they attempted to enter Beit Omar which is located just up from Al-Aroub on route to Hebron. Just like before they failed, as when they saw people from the town coming they fled. These & similar events are a daily occurrence for Palestinians living within the West Bank.
On friday the 24th of May 2013, clashes broke out near the cemetery at the entrance to the town of Beit Omar. Friday is the holiday in Palestine and clashes between israeli soldiers and the youth manifest weekly due to the presence & continual harassment from the soldiers. The israeli forces are always near the cemetery searching any person they so choose and their homes which has a detrimental effect on peoples daily lives. During the clashes israeli soldiers started to shoot tear gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets resulting in injuries.

On 26th of May 2013, a group of settlers under the protection of Israeli military began to set up a number of tents in the eastern area of the town in Beit Omar. They proceeded to raise the israeli flag on the tents while the israeli forces were spread out in the surrounding area with a heavy presence on the main road (route 60). They closed off the main entrance of the town preventing people from moving in & out.
Soon clashes started at the main entrance of Karmi Tzur, the israeli forces started shooting tear gas, sound bombs & rubber rounds. Two people were arrested.

On the 31th of May 2013, a dozens of settlers gathered at the entrance of Beit Omar, north of Hebron city under the protection of dozens of soldiers in order to occupy the land that they tried to occupy last Friday 24th of May; where a number of them were on the farmlands surrounding the entrance of the town.
The soldiers moved the farmers whom were working on their land & also tried to stop people from filming what was happening.
A group of soldiers moved to the mount next to the town that the settlers want to occupy. The man who owned the land Ali Faris Sabarna, 65 years old was arrested earlier in the day. Because he has built a shack to protect him and his family while the israelis are working on his land. This farmer is now in Kiryat Arba settlement awaiting trial.