Settlers Uproot Local Farmers Olive Tree’s for 7th Time In a Year

6 June 2013

Thursday June 6th 2013:

Early this morning a group of settlers entered Beit Ommar from Bat Aiyn, a settlement that lies to the south of the village, and attacked the land of local farmer Hammad Abdal Hameed Jaber Saleebi age 75. With covered faces they set to work cutting down more than 20 olive trees and flooding his crops with sewage water leaving his land uprooted and unharvestable. This will mark the seventh in a series of reoccurring attacks taking place on the private property of this farmer and his family this year alone. (One of which left Hammad in the hospital in Hebron for five days with a head wound.) After working for 2-3 hours the settlers left the land in trucks taking the uprooted ripe olive trees with them as to not leave any evidence behind.

After the incident, the police, soldiers, mayor of Beit Ommar and other Palestinian farmers gather on Hammad’s land to find him devastated at the lack of effective help he received this morning and the damage to his crops. After a year of work, Hammad is left with destroyed, contaminated fields and little if anything that will be viable for harvest time.

The Settlers at Work on the Land of Hammad

The 75 year-old farmer tending to his destroyed land