Israeli Road Expansion Means Home Demolitions and Confiscation of Beit Ommar Land

8 June 2013

We recently received plans for the continuation of route 60; it will start from the roundabout of Gush Etzion and continue to Keryat Arba’. The road will be 30m in width and 8 kilometers in length, built mostly on the land of Beit Ommar as well as Halhul & Se’er. Once begun, it will be forbidden for anyone to live, build or farm on any land within 70m on both sides of the road. In total, the development of the road will mean the confiscation of 1600 Donum of land from the people of Beit Ommar. This, along with the other six settlements that already consume 8000 Donum of Beit Ommar land, will effectively cut the town into two parts. As such, this project will have a profoundly negative impact on the people of the town, specifically the farmers as they will be prevented from reaching their land; the source of their livelihood. Moreover, many homes that are close to route 60 will be demolished in order to build the new road.