Early Morning Arrest in Beit Ommar

9 June 2013

On the 6th of June 2013 a group of Israeli soldiers stormed Beit Ommar in undercover dressed in civilian clothing driving 2 Palestinian cars and arrested Mahmoud Khaled Nayef (age 20). They arrived at the house of Khalid Nayef (age 47) just after 3 in the morning. They destroyed the door and entered the house waking up the entire family. They continued into the house and beat Khalid’s wife and daughters causing large amounts of damage to the house. The commander explained that they had come undercover purposely as to not allow Mahmoud any warning. (the last time they came to arrest him he was able to escape the house in advance)

Mahmoud’s arrest comes just one month after injuries suffered after having been shot with a rubber bullet in the head while participating in a non-violent weekly demonstration.

Undercover arrests such as this one are a new and increasingly common method undertaken by the IOF to arrest people without warning. This tactic is explicitely illegal under international law. “Feigning of civilian or non-combatant status” is perfidy and prohibited by the Geneva Conventions. (Protocol I. Art. 37, Sec. 1)