Israeli Forces Attack Farmers in Beit Ommar

18 June 2013

On the 18th of June 2013, the Israeli occupation forces attacked the farmers who own the land near Kami Tzur settlement south of Beit Ommar while they were working in their land, trying to deny these farmers from harvesting their fruit.

The Israeli occupation force attacked the farmer Ahmad Abu Hashem, 46, and his children and an elderly woman Aziza Abu Maria, 60, because they were in their land near the settlement. The IOF tried to arrest Ahmad Abu Hashem, asking him for the keys of his tractor and his phone. When Ahmad Abu Hashem refused to gave the IOF his keys and his phone, they tried to arrest his son Mohammed, 17, but the farmers present prevented his arrest.

The IOF stayed in the area, preventing other farmers from working their privately-owned land, eventually calling Israeli police and intelligence officers to the area.

The Karmei Tsur settlement was built in the 1980’s on privately-owned Palestinian land, mostly belonging to farmers from the towns of Beit Ommar and Halhoul. It was greatly expanded in 2006 when a “security fence” was built around it, further confiscating vital agricultural land. The Israeli military has also de facto confiscated nearly all of the agricultural area between the fence and the built-up area of Beit Ommar, by consistently preventing farmers from entering the area and working their land. This is in direct violation of an Israeli Supreme Court order from 2007 which allowed Beit Ommar farmers access to their land; as well as international law.