Mass Invasion and Arrest Raid on Beit Ommar

27 June 2013

On the 20th of June 2013 beginning around 3am, the Israeli occupation forces stormed Beit Ommar north of Hebron using three APC’s and more than 100 soldiers in a sustained invasion of the town. The forces were accompanied by dogs and intelligence officers who broke down doors of the homes they raided over the next four hours.

First, the IOF prevented residents from making their way to the mosque for morning prayers and then started to invade and ransack houses throughout the town. The IOF entered the home of Issa Ali Soleibi, and attempted to arrest his son, Mohammed, but he was not at home. They then ordered his brother Ala’, 20, to open the sweets store that Mohammed owns, allegedly believing that Mohammed was hiding in his store. The IOF told Ala’ that Mohammed had four hours to turn himself in.

Then the Israeli military forces invaded another house, which belongs to Ibrahim Ali Aqel Ikhlayl, 42, and attempted to arrest his son Montaser, 20, who also not in the home. The IOF gave Ibrahim a deadline of 8:00am the next morning to deliver his sons Ahmad 18 years old and Mo’tasem 17 years to the Israeli military base and police station in the illegal Israeli settlement nearby. Both youth are former prisoners.

Forces also invaded the home of Naser Mohammaed Abed Al Majid Ikhlayel, 43, to arrest his son Jihad, 17. This is the 3rd time the IOF has attempted to arrest Jihad from his home. They also gave his father until 8:00am the next morning to deliver his son, Jihad to Gush Etzion. Jihad’s father reported that the IOF told him, “if he didn’t take his son Jihad to Gush Etzion the next morning, they will kill Jihad”.

Another force stormed the house of Abed Alaziz Awad, 45, and arrested his son Odai, 22. Odai has spent several years in jail in his short life, and currently has two brothers also incarcerated.