Palestinians Continue to Challenge the Occupation in Hebron

30 September 2013

From Youth Against the Settlements in Hebron:

As Palestinians across Palestine took to the streets in a day for Al Quds (Jerusalem), the capital of Palestine, residents of Hebron stood firm against attacks by the Israeli rmy. A number of young Palestinians were injured as the army opened fire with live ammunition against unarmed protestors.

Palestinians Resist in Hebron

As in previous days, clashes between Palestinian youths and the army focussed in the middle of the city, as camp the refugee camp in the east of the city. A young child, Musab, was hit in the eye and was transferred for treatment in a hospital in Jerusalem.

The army used live ammunition, rubber coated steel bullets, tear gas and stun grenades. In the confines of the narrow city streets it can only be concluded they disregarded Palestinians lives. As a result there were a number of injuries, in addition to the young Musab. At the time of writing 12 have been injured: Mohammed (20 years old) injured in his neck and back; Mohammed with a head injury; Mohammed Jabari injured by a rubber coated steel bullet to his head; and an unidentified young man injured in the Shalaldeh street area with live ammunition.

Shadi Sidr, a volunteer with the group, Youth Against Settlements (YAS) was also beaten by the army while filming the attacks. He has been taken to hospital for treatment. Many more residents suffered tear gas inhalation.

The ferocity of the army’s actions and use of live ammunition against unarmed protestors, appears to indicate the army’s desire to murder.

Injured Youth

Hebron is in a state of boiling fury since the uprising days earlier. There numerous injuries and violent confrontations continue at the time of writing.

Illegal settlers reside inside Hebron, and residents are subject to regular army and settler violence. Streets and areas are closed to Palestinians as Israelis policy of occupation, oppression and Apartheid are practiced on the Palestinian population.