Israeli Forces Arrest Two Young Brothers in Beit Ommar

10 October 2013

Late at night on Wednesday, October 9, 2013, Israeli Forces arrested two brothers on the main street adjacent to the village of Beit Ommar in the Hebron district of the southern West Bank. The brothers, Bader, age 17, and Mohammed age 13, Ali Abu Maria are residents of the village. Israeli Forces in jeeps entered an area near the entrance of the village off of Route 60, the main Jerusalem-Hebron road and arrested the younger brother.

Soldiers then arrested Bader when he attempted to intervene to protest the detention of his younger brother. When the boys’ family and concerned village residents arrived try to stop the arrest, the Israeli Forces threw tear gas and sound bombs. The brothers were taken to Etzion Settlement, where they are still being held.

Soldiers routinely raid Beit Ommar and the surrounding area late at night to arrest Palestinian, particularly youth. The arrested youth are subject to military law and have few legal rights or recourse.