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3 December 2013

Dear friends and supporters of Palestinian organizing,

It has been quite a year for the Center for Freedom and Justice and Palestine Solidarity Project. Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself: I haven’t heard as much from PSP this year, I wonder what’s been going on? The truth is, this year PSP, through its Center, made a determined shift in work and organizing. As op-ed after op-ed, conference after conference on the subject of Palestine have all suggested, Palestine is in need of a grassroots movement and leadership. So PSP decided to do something about it.

For the last year, PSP Palestinian activists have been meeting and organizing with average Palestinians, focusing on youth, women, and former prisoners to develop a collective strategy of resistance to occupation and Apartheid. This is the difficult groundwork necessary to reigniting a popular resistance and PSP has been at the forefront of it, day in, and day out.

We Need Your Continued Support!

PSP and the Center have relied on the generosity of people around the world to continue our work, and to expand our commitment to organizing with Palestinians on the ground, we need more support than ever before.

Here Are the Top 5 Reasons to Make a Donation to PSP Today!

Number 5: PSP organizers have been constant participants and leaders in the Palestinian Popular Resistance for a decade. We are a staple, and we have remained true to our goals and principles of being a Palestinian organization.

Number 4: We participate in any and all campaigns, both local and international, to support Palestine. From the BDS campaigns in the U.S. and Europe to the weekly protests in the West Bank, to Bab Al Shams and the Stop the Prawer Plan campaign, PSP activists have been there.

Number 3: Our grassroots work with Palestinian prisoners is unparalleled. Because of PSP co-founder Mousa Abu Maria’s extensive time as a political prisoner himself, PSP has been in a unique position of working directly with the prisoners. Our work on this issue even made it to the New York Times!

Number 2: A Dollar to PSP goes far, very far. Because we are based in a rural Palestinian village and do not have large staffs, your donation today will go directly to work, not administrative staff or U.S. overhead. We like it that way.

AND THE NUMBER 1 REASON TO DONATE TO PSP TODAY: 100% OF YOUR MONEY GOES DIRECTLY TO PALESTINIANS. That’s right, whether it’s paying for the rent for our center, buying tools for our Redeeming the Land Campaign, or paying for transportation, your donations go directly to Palestinians, working for their own liberation.

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Thank you,
Mousa Abu Maria, Bekah Wolf, Muna Ammar, and the rest of the PSP crew