Farmers in Palestine Deeply Affected by Massive Snow Storm

20 December 2013

While the historical snow storm that hit the central parts of Palestine as well as Syria and Jordan made for some epic snowmen, the storm, which we know caused a humanitarian crisis for Syrian refugees throughout the area as well as a catastrophe for Gazans left in flooded refugee camps without electricity or potable water, has also created an economic crisis for farmers in the Southern West Bank. Over 1 meter (3 feet) of snow fell in higher elevations, including Halhoul and Beit Ommar. These areas, home to fruit trees more fragile than the olive trees of their northern compatriots, were devastated by the storm. Farmers in Beit Ommar estimate $30,000-$35,0000 in destruction of trees and greenhouses, which many rely on as their sole source of income. PSP’s own greenhouse project, which provided support to a dozen families, was completely destroyed by the storm.
Community members are hoping to raise funds to support the most needy families to purchase adult trees and greenhouse materials before the planting season in March.
You can help by making a donation here:
collapsed greenhouse snow storm

broken tree snow storm