Beit Ommar 11\4\2014

13 April 2014

10177295_10152106985743845_1371864173787385042_nBeit Ommar 11\4\2014

A new wall in road no. 60 between Gush Etzion and Al-Arub refugee camp
Road no. 60, the main road that goes through the entire west bank (from north to south), passes through the land of Beit Ommar. A new wall was set up during the recent days in the shoulders of the road, which blocks the free access to the road by tractors, people and animals, which generally enter the road in order to use it or to cross it. The estimation is that the concrete wall built now will be the foundation of a future apartheid wall to be built and dispossess more lands from the citizens of Beit Ommar.