Massacre in Gaza Continues, Demonstrations Across Palestine

24 July 2014

Please note, because of the rapidly-developing situation in Palestine, our most up-to-date information is available via our twitter account: @PalestinePSP. Please follow us there for breaking news and updates. Below is a summary of the events thus far.

Maan News Agency reports that as of Thursday morning, July 24, 695 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip, over 80% of which, according to the UN, are civilians. The Israeli military bombarded the Khuzaa area in Khan Younis, killing at least 73, with more bodies being pulled from the rubble, according to medics. This, just days after a massacre in Shajaiya, in Gaza district, in which survivors described running for their lives, at times stepping over corpses in the street as they fled. Stunning images of thousands of refugees from Israel’s original war in 1948, fleeing Israeli forces for at least the second time.

The UNRWA has reported that the number of civilians staying in UN shelters has topped 100,000, with over 300,000 told to evacuate their homes by the Israeli military forces. On at least two occasions, civilians who followed the orders of the Israeli military to leave their homes to go to Deir Balah, an area near the coast, were then killed in assaults on Deir Balah from Naval war ships off the coast. One UNRWA school which was sheltering hundreds of civilians was shelled by Israeli forces on Tuesday, July 22, though no one was killed.

West Bank and ’48

One protester has been killed in West Bank demonstrations against the assault on Gaza. Muhammed Hamamra, 19, from Husan village in Betlehem district, was shot and killed by Israeli military forces on Wednesday, July 23.
Another Palestinian in the West Bank, Mahmoud Shawamreh, 21, of Ar-Ram near Ramallah, was killed by an Israeli settler on Tuesday, July 22, while waiting for a taxi outside Ramallah.
Beit Ommar, as well as several other towns and cities, have been the site of nightly demonstrations against the attack on Gaza. These demonstrations have been met with increasing force, with live ammunition being shot in Beit Ommar, Nil’in and Ramallah-area demonstrations.

Meanwhile, over 200 Palestinian citizens of Israel have been arrested over the last 16 days in protests against the assault on Gaza. Massive protests in Haifa, Nazareth, Jaffa, Um Al Fahm, and other cities have been met with violent force both by Israeli police and by right-wing Israeli extremists who have attacked Palestinians and anti-occupation Israelis attending the demonstrations. Dozens have also been injured and arrested in ongoing clashes throughout East Jerusalem, as protests against the assault on Gaza and the lynching of Shuafat resident Muhammed Khdeir on July 2 have continued unabated.

International Response

The UN Human Rights Council voted yesterday to launch an independent probe into possible war crimes committed during the assault on Gaza. The only ‘No’ vote for the investigation came from the United States.

On Tuesday, US, Canadian and European airlines suspended flights into Ben Gurion Airport after a rocket launched from Gaza landed nearby. The US’s ban was renewed on Wednesday for another 24 hours. While Israel has attempted to convince the FAA to lift the ban, it has come under increased scrutiny for on the one hand declaring that the assault on Gaza was a result of Israel being under “intolerable attack” from rockets and, on the other hand, claiming the rockets were not a reason to cancel flights into Tel Aviv. The cancellation of flights is just one of several events in the past three weeks that have impacted Israel economically in response to their brutal practices throughout Palestine.