Demonstrations Continue at Wadi Fukin

4 October 2014

protestOn 10/3 at around 1:30 PM, 50 people gathered for a demonstration at Wadi Fukin.  This is the 3rd consecutive Friday that the villagers have hosted an action.   The villagers of Wadi Fukin prepared large displays of balloons and were waving Palestinian flags along with their peace signs. Despite the peaceful nature of the groups actions, Israeli soldiers forcibly stopped the demonstrators from marching on their land.  And although the demonstrators were primarily women and children, after 30 minutes they were violently pushed back several times toward the center of the village.

Among the demonstrators were villagers from Wadi Fukin and neighboring West Bank villages, as well as several international activists.  Wadi Fukin is a small village of just over 1,000 people and is one of five villages that is being affected by Israel’s most recent land grab.  Wadi Fukin is located near the separation wall and is surrounded by the settlements of Beitar Illit, Hadar Beitar and Tsur Hadassah.