Al Jaba’a Roadblock Continues To Cause Problems

9 October 2014

Last weekend was the holiday weekend of Eid for Palestinian families all over the West Bank.  During Eid, it customary for Muslims to visit their relatives to celebrate.  Often families will travel hours to reunite with one another and to share meals. For one Palestinian village, this has been made much harder for almost 10 years.  In 2006, Israel constructed a roadblock at the entrance to the village of16372_10152467300508845_1989836194375159182_n Al Jaba’a
, disconnecting it from the town of Surif, preventing Palestinians from having any access to the village by car.  Cars must drive to the roadblock, park, and then carry whatever gifts they have brought , which can be several kilometers into the town.  Visitors to the village must walk across a high speed road with children and the gifts they have brought.  It is an unnecessarily dangerous situation for the families, especially during the holiday of Eid.

Upon a visit to Al Jaba, one would notice the cars parked in the village and wonder about the ease of access. However these cars are only for use inside the village.