Campaign 2015 “Land Reclamation” Stopped by the Israeli Civil Administration

25 May 2015

On Thursday, May 21, 2015

The name of the Land: “40 land” = ??? ????????.

The size of the land: 27 Dunums = 2.7 Hectares.

The location of the land: Near the Main Street (Road 60) and East of Karmi Tzur settlement. (In the middle of both).

Type of the land: Stood land, which means several families own it.

Name of the Project: Enhance Livelihood of Poor Families in Area C.

The Date of project started: On May 20, 215.

Expected length for the Project: 5 Months.

Number of Beneficiaries: More than 15 families.

Stages of work: three Stages.

Stage 1 include Building Retaining walls, install iron columns and putting the fence.

Stage 2 include Tillage the soil, Plant the land and establishing the pool.

However, planting trees will be on the Planting season. (November or December)

Stage 3 include Fix the building, which consist of three rooms in the land, and it was ruined by Israeli army.

The Contractor who will work in the land: Emad Zaqiq Company for Excavations. “It’s a legal company”

However, we also have all the legal documents to the land

Number of workers: 20 workers are working in the land including the contractor.



Center for Freedom and Justice launched the first stage in land reclamation for the year 2015 only on May 20. The targeted land is located in area C on the main street (road 60), east of Karmi Tzur settlement.

Today at 11:00 am, the Israeli occupation (Civil Administrator) gave a “stop building” warning to the contractor Emad Zaqiq to stop building the retaining walls, which is 100 m long near the side of the main street (Road 60) in area C. As soon as possible, Mousa Abu Maria went to the site of work and he took all the legal documents for the land. In addition, these documents from PA authority and the Municipality, Mousa told them that the main goal of the retaining wall is to protect the land from kids and to prevent animals from reaching the plants. The discussion lasted for 30 minutes and this land is not healthy from environmental side, because they throw tire and rubbish in it. So our goal is to prevent that too, but the answers from the Israeli is always no and we cannot do that.Land Rec-2505-III

He said that we must have a permission to work so Mousa replied to him that this work would save it from any threats, and all the people who use Road 60. An argument between them happened because the officer wants to use illegal policy with Mousa. However, Mousa said that there is no reason to stop building the wall, and when Mousa asked him why you did not search more about the situation in terms of legality of working inside the land. After making some calls he said after searching, that it is legal to work in the land except for the 100m alongside the read, and he gave Mousa the order from the Civil Administration; they specified a hearing session on June 8 in the Israeli Beit El court.Land Rec-2505

The person you see in the attached pictures is the officer of the Civil Administration.




Ps: PLZ support our legal aid to this land

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