The IDF Raids Beit Ommar at Night

25 May 2015

Time: Approximately 12:00 AM Sat May 23rd

NightRaid.2505Two jeeps and one large car and a large group of soldiers made an incursion into Beit Ummar tonight. In the beginning they were stopped near Mousa Maria’s house. He was sleeping when he started to hear shouts, noises. He woke up as he heard a soldier punch the door. Opening the window Mousa then heard the sound of the jeeps. He made his way to the roof of his home, where he saw soldiers positioned in front of the main door of his house. NightRaid.2505-IIAfter that he called someone from the neighborhood to inform them as what was going on and to inquire as to the exact position of the soldiers. Mousa refused to open the door. As he came to wake me up, the Israeli jeep moved ahead of his house on the street about 10 metres. We both went to the roof, while the jeeps began to turn around. The soldiers were shooting tear gas between the houses, and as it began to spread they came down, boarded their jeeps and took off. This is just another horrible aspect of the occupation; Palestinians attempting to sleep in peace, are rudely awoken to find themselves surrounded by Israeli military, fully equipped with guns, jeeps and tear gas, a terrifying and disrupting sight. When the Israeli army undertakes invasions of Palestinian villages it is often with the goal of arresting and imprisoning Palestinians.NightRaid.2505-III