Funeral of Man Killed by IDF in Beit Ommar Violenty Attacked

26 July 2015

26072015Even his funeral was attacked, The Funeral of Falah Abu Maria (52 years old) who was killed Thursday 23 July at 3:00 inside his house and in front of his family in cold blood by Zionist occupation forces. Zionist occupation forces again attacked the funeral with hundreds of tear gas canisters 300 meters before the cemetery, only few people succeeded to reach the cemetery and bury the martyr.

More than 12 citizens were shot by the fascist soldiers using live ammunition and rubber coated metal bullets in addition to hundreds who suffered tear gas suffocation. The fascist attack started today at 3:00am when terrorist Zionist occupation forces raided the house of Falah Hamdi Abu Maria (53 years old) to kidnap his sons, once they entered the house they opened fire shooting two of his sons Mohamad (22 years) in the pelvis and Ahmad (25 years) in the chest, their father Falah tried to help his sons but the terrorist forces shoot him as well two shots in the chest and died on the spot while he was trying to protect his sons.

Last April Zionist occupation forces killed two cousins in one day from my town Jafar (21 years) and his cousin Ziad (24 years) who was shot during Jafar’a funeral, and in July 2014 Zionist occupation forces killed three citizens from my town in one minute, three of them were killed while they were trying to help each other Hashem (45 years), Sultan (26 years) and abdul Hamid (27 years).26072015-II