Another Night Raid in Beit Ommar

16 August 2015

160815Israeli forces raided several homes and detained three young men in Beit Ommar on 13 August. 19-year-old Ammar Sadim Sleibi, 18-year-old Muhammad Shihdah Sleibi 17-year-old Muataz Muhammad Abu Maria were arrested. Muhammad is the nephew of Falah Abu Maria, who was killed on 23 July by Israeli soldiers when he ran to the aid of his son who had been shot while peacefully resisting arrest.

Following a funeral in Beit Ommar for Falah Abu Maria, at 3 am around 20 soldiers entered the village in jeeps, with police dogs and fired tear gas. 160815-iiiDuring the raids, soldiers assaulted the detainees, broke furniture and stole money from their families’ homes.

The latest arrests come a day after three other youth were detained. Since the beginning of August, 17 people have been detained in Beit Ommar.

Surrounded by settlements, the village is paying for its continuing activism and resistance against the illegal Israeli occupation.

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