Hunger Striker Muhammad Allan in Serious Condition

16 August 2015

Muhammad Allan continues to struggle for his life and his freedom as pressure in Palestine and globally is mounting for his release after he fell into a coma and was placed on life support in the early morning of 14 August. When Allan’s mother exited her son’s hospital room on Friday, she told reporters that “my son is dying,” reported the Electronic Intifada. 160815 reportiiAllan’s worsening condition came following a rejection on Thursday of a request for his medical release. The Electronic Intifada noted that Ha’aretz had reported that the Israeli state “fears that such a move could encourage administrative detainees to follow Allan’s lead, especially after seven Palestinian detainees began their own respective hunger strikes over the past two weeks.” This is particularly the case after Khader Adnan, another administrative detainee, won his release for the second time after a 55-day hunger strike. (He was released in 2012 after a 66-day hunger strike, also from administrative detention.) Adnan was released on 11 July. He participated today in the protest in Ramallah, one of many around Palestine, including outside Barzilai Hospital, in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Nablus and elsewhere, demanding Allan’s immediate freedom. Allan is charged with nothing and held on secret evidence; the ongoing imprisonment of Allan is clearly a political mechanism meant to undermine the hunger strike as a powerful tool of Palestinian political organizing inside the prisons.