27 July 2016: Surif Woke up at the Sounds of Anti-Tanks Missiles

29 September 2016

Surif IDF attackThis morning, the villagers of Surif woke up at the sounds of IDF rockets, targeting a house, in which, an alleged enemy of the state of Israel was living. The confusion and sadness among the villagers was total and the pictures are just a pale description of the violence of the attack, which has pulverized the house and let 5 families without a roof.

According to sources, the attack perpetuated by the IDF started on Tuesday night around 22pm. In the first phase of the operation, IDF soldiers surrounded the house while snipers took position to insure that the alleged “terrorist”, Muhammad Faqih, living at the first floor, would not escape. After calling out the people and ordered them to evacuate the house, an IDF bulldozer arrived and the second phase of the operation took place very quickly.Surif IDF attack III

After cutting the electricity and water of the village, the army reiterated their call for the families inside the house to go out, which would allow the soldiers to start their searching operation. According to witnesses, the soldiers launched/fired several anti-tank missiles although the house was not even evacuate. The impact of the rockets pulverized the wall of the house and leave no chance to (See pictures). Hopefully, during this attack, the mother of the owner of house, who stay inside the house to prevent its demolition was not wounded as some reports asserted. Nonetheless, the courage of the 65 year-old woman was useless as nothing could be saved from the house. Among the rumbles, we can only imagine the lost suffered by the families. Furniture, beds, money, administrative papers and even toys were destroyed. The lost is evaluated at more than 65,000NIS. But the IDF operation didn’t stop at the house but continue through the village, where tear gases were fired and four people got arrested.Surif IDF attack II

This military operation from the IDF described the mentality of the army lately, which “pick and choose” alleged suspect without providing any proof. The behavior of the Israeli in the occupied territory is becoming more and more lawless and they perpetuate their military operation in total impunity, leaving the life of Palestinian families in total despair. The insanity of this operation is the arrest and imprisonment of the mother of the owner of the house, a 65 years old woman with no connection to the alleged “terrorist”. It is clear that “collective punishment” is the current tactic of the IDF in the Occupied Territories but its effectiveness is very doubtful.