4 August 2016: Improvised IDF Checkpoint in Beit Ommar

29 September 2016

CPSince the event in Surif of last week, the IDF has decided to conduct various aggressive operations in the town of Beit Ommar, such as the setting of checkpoints, house searches, which led to several arrests of people including minors.

This morning (August 4th), six army jeeps improvised a checkpoint in Beit Ommar at the crossroad leading to Surif and Safaha, a strategic place that the IDF likes to control. According to witnesses, the operation was limited to some house searches and control of IDs. Since the demolition of the house in Surif last week, the presence of the army in Beit Ommar has intensified and this morning operation was the following of various night arrests occurring these previous days.CP-II

It is clear that the IDF has not concrete objectives besides disturbing the daily life of the people of the town. The checkpoints set up at strategic places of the town prevented people to move freely and the shootings of sound bombs and tear gases canisters are putting not only the population on the edge but also putting the health of children at risk due the emanation of fumes. Moreover, these military interventions have an economic impact as the owners, who afraid by the IDF presence, are closing their shops. 

As often, the people of Beit Ommar are suffering from the collective punishment tactics of the IDF, who just want to make its presence notice as well as to provoke the youngsters of the town. During this hot summer, the incursions of the IDF are just an additional burden for the Beit Ommar residents, who already suffer heavily from the shortage of water. While the settlers are enjoying their time in swimming pools and washing their cars, Palestinians have to wait to receive their water and rationalize its use, and that’s the reality on the ground.CP-III