22 September 2016: the Army Re-Opens the Main Entrance of Beit Ommar

30 September 2016

beit ommarOn the 22nd of September, after a 5-day long close, the Israeli occupation forces re-opened the main entrance of Beit Ommar. In this period, they constructed a wall around the existing tower and expanded their presence there by building two extra interrogation and holding cells. The construction of these structures has, in turn, narrowed the street by 1,5 metres, drastically hindering traffic in the main entrance of the town.

In other, unrelated happenings, on Sept the 21st, four ‘Apache’ helicopters flew southwards over Beit Ommar. This is not a new occurrence. However, what is novel is that they flew unusually low over civilian houses. When Apache helicopters fly so low, it is often seen as a scare tactic, making people on the ground feel very uneasy and threatened.beit ommar-IIbeit ommar-III