7 September 2016: the Felt Presence of the IDF in Beit Ommar

30 September 2016

roadblockSince a couple of weeks now, the IDF has started a new campaign of harassment in Beit Ommar. As usual, to make in presence felt vis-à-vis the habitants of the town, the IDF set up temporary checkpoints are important crossroads, but mostly at the entrance of the town, where since the past two weeks, the IDF has increased its control of IDs for Palestinians go in and out of town. In addition, these last three days, the new “hobby” of the IDF seems to be to arrest cars and seized them, leaving the owner without means of transportation. Of course, the army keeps for itself the reason of such arrests, stipulating a security pretext, which is the magical formula of the Israeli government to pursue their daily politic of humiliation and intimidation over Palestinians.

It is clear that the security argument advances by the IDF is an illusion, a way to disguise a darker reality, which is to maintain a military occupation following systematic and organized policies elaborated by the Israeli government. The main purpose of IDF soldiers is to ensure that the Palestinians sense that the army is everywhere, all the time. Making the livelihoods of Palestinian unbearable, intimidating them and humiliating them, that’s the only purpose of the IDF. The resilience of Palestinian people has to be emphasized as well as acclaimed because despite the countless provocations and violations of their most basic rights, the Palestinians keep resisting the occupation and fight for a brighter future.roadblock-II