IDF ‘s Favorite Targets of Choice: Children and Young People

30 September 2016

In the night of the 15th August to 16th August, the Israeli army has conducted a new operation in the center of Beit Ommar. The incursion of the IDF happened around two o’clock in the morning, during which it burst into several homes, terrorized families and arrested young people – Hmza Abo Hasham (18 years old) and Rashed Adel Salbey, student at the Hebron University (18 years old).night raid

During this operation, the IDF had made it presence noticeable for the whole town by shooting tears gazes and stun grenades as well as rubber bullet. The operation lasted four hours and the army snatched the two young people from their families and detained them in Gush Etzion, a settlement, north of Beit Ommar. The military intervention occurred the day after a military jeep entered in the town and drove like a mad man on the main street. It was a without a doubt a provocation from the IDF like it happens on weekly basis, which is a game for it.

Since several weeks now, Beit Ommar suffered from an organized campaign of harassment from the IDF, which targets especially the young population. For instance, few days ago, on the 11th August, the IDF raided several houses in the town and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards, according to witnesses. The operation ended with the kidnapping of Hadi Majdi Sabarna, 18 years old.

It is critical to know that once arrested, these young men and children are under administrative detention, which can last for over a year and then, they are released without any charges. The consequences of the imprisonment and the living conditions and their treatment during their incarceration leave major psychological traumas, which affect deeply their life. The behavior of IDF soldiers toward the younger Palestinian population just demonstrates the evilness of the Occupier’s policies.