Israel Seizes Land in Beit Ommer Town North of Hebron 

30 September 2016

seize landOn the 29th of December 2015, the Israeli occupation army handed over Palestinians in Beit Ummer town, north of Hebron city, a new military order stating the seizure of 313 square meters (0.313 dunums) of land for urgent security needs, to construct a two barbed-wire fence sections, in an area locally known as “Wad Ash Sheikh” and “Habayel Shesh” in the town. See copy of the military order.

The Israeli military order comes under the title: “Land Seizure order No. 15/31/MD (Judea and Samaria), 5776-2015” and was signed by the so called “Judea and Samaria” Division Commander Brigadier General Lior Carmeli on the 2nd July 2015. According to the Israeli military order, the two barbed-wire fence sections will be erected alongside the Jerusalem – Hebron Road (Israeli Bypass Road 60) in the direction of Halhul town and Hebron city, where the first section will extend a length of 48 meters, while the second section will extend a length of almost 26 meters.
The validity of the military order applies from the day the order was signed (in July 2015) and until the 6th of February 2016[1]. Additionally, Palestinians of Beit Ummer town received the military order almost six months after it was issued in July 2015; which means that Palestinian families whose lands are affected/or will be affected by the erection of the two fences, already lost their right to petition the military order at the Israeli court, because the period given to object the military order, which is five days’ time, as stated in the order, has expired.seize land-II

To sum up, in light of the recent political situation in the occupied West Bank and in particular in Hebron Governorate, the Israeli occupation authorities tightened up the grip on Palestinians living in Beit Ummer town, especially in the vicinity of the town’s cemetery, by closing the roads leading to the town’s periphery with earth-mounds, causing obstruction to the movement of Palestinians in the area (from students, teachers, employees ..etc.) who live in the area surrounding the cemetery in addition to obstructing the Palestinian vehicular movement.seize land-III