The Israeli Army Closes off Beit Ommar’s Main Road

30 September 2016

IDF close the villageOn the 18th of September, around 3pm local time, 6 military jeeps from the Israeli occupation forces entered the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar, located 11kms north of Hebron. Stopping in the middle of the village, the soldiers closed off the main road for approximately three hours. During this time, the Israeli army engaged in controlling individuals, as well as stopping and searching civilian cars. Soldiers proceeded to fire teargas and sound bombs, the firing of which was heard throughout the village. The teargas injured many inhabitants of Beit Ommar, several of which were subsequently transported to the local hospital in need of emergency treatment.

These happenings coincided with the 34th commemoration of the Shabra and Shatilla massacre in Lebanon in 1982, where Israeli occupation forces in Lebanon did not stop Christian Lebanese Militiamen to enter Palestinian refugee camp, resulting in the slaughter of hundreds of people. The numbers of exact casualties range between 700 and 3500 people.IDF close the village-II

Every year on the 16th-18th of September, Palestinians throughout the West Bank organise demonstrations and hold ceremonies to remember the massacre that took place in Lebanon. In Beit Ommar however, no demonstrations or political activities took place on this day. The village was quiet, and people went about their normal businesses as usual. Nevertheless, the Israeli military forces entered Beit Ommar preemptively and occupied the main road for hours. In these kinds of actions, the Israeli military operates under the banner of ‘security’, claiming such operations are necessary security measures. The lack of any legitimate threat in Beit Ommar however, clearly shows that this action, and other actions like it, have the sole purpose of provoking the local population and are designed to make the life of the average Palestinian unbearably challenging.…/israeli-forces-kill-palestinians……/5545969

IDF close the village-III