About PSP

The Project

The Palestine Solidarity Project is a Palestinian project dedicated to opposing the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land through non-violent direct action. It was founded in the village of Beit Ommar in the Southern West Bank during the Summer of 2006.

PSP is envisioned as a project dedicated to supporting Palestinian communities resisting the Israeli Occupation. We also believe firmly in the concept of “steadfastness” as a form of resistance. For many of the communities we work with, simply remaining on their land in the face of intimidation, violence, economic strangulation, and a history of forced displacement, is an act of resistance.

Points of Unity

1. All Palestinians have an absolute right to control their own lives economically, politically, and socially.

2. All international laws, conventions, and UN resolutions regarding Palestine and all peoples under occupation should be upheld.

Our Message

Peace and security are rights not just for some of us, but for all the people of the world. Controlling another person’s life, possessions, future, and thoughts is a crime and a humiliation. We have dreams and hopes of freedom, so we are inviting all the people of the world to stand with us and share in our struggle for freedom.

What We Do

1) Demonstrations against the continuing construction of the Apartheid Wall, Israeli-only roads and Israeli settlements in villages in southern Palestine.

2) Removing illegal roadblocks and other structures designed to isolate one Palestinian community from another, and preventing Palestinian freedom of movement.

3) Joining farmers as they work their land which is in constant danger of being “confiscated” by Israel.

4) Replanting Palestinian crops that have been destroyed by Israeli settlers, with the aim of enabling those Palestinian communities directly affected by settler violence to remain on their land.

5) Working closely with families affected by frequent violence from nearby settlements by documenting the violence and providing an international presence to deter settler assaults.

Beit Ommar is a small village in the Hebron District of the West Bank, occupied territories. The town was occupied by Israeli forces in 1967, since then the residents have suffered from countless Israeli army attacks. The Israeli forces confiscated more than 8,000 acre’s for the purposes of building Israeli settlements in an ongoing plan of colonization. Beit Ommar is surrounded by settlements from three sides. Gush Etzion is a cluster of 14 Israeli settlements, the communities surrounding Beit Ommar include Migdal Oz, Karmie Tzur and El’azar, Bat Ayin, Alon Shevut and Kafar Etzion. Each of the settlements have many residents that have violently attacked the civilian population in Beit Ommar and their farm land. In 2011, the settler population of all the West Bank was estimated at over 520,000; the annual average rate of growth during the past decade was 5.3%.

The Surrounding Settlements-

Gush Etzion-
Gush Etzion is a large settlement block with 14 separate communities. The community was built in 1967 as part of the colonization project of the West Bank. The settlement communities in Gush Etzion that are closest to Beit Ommar include:

Kfar Etzion and Bat Ayin-
Kfar Etzion and Bat Ayin were created in 1967 and are both originally unauthorized outposts created without Israeli government approval however they are protected and assisted by the Israeli army. Theses communities are populated with religious settlers who vote primarily for the National Religious Party and National Union. Both communities are a stronghold of Jewish religious and political extremism with a with a far-right political ideology.

Alon Shevut-
Established in June 1970 in the Gush Etzion settlement. The community is built on private Palestinian property from Beit Ommar that makes up 24.13% of the settlement land.

Migdal Oz-
Migdal Oz was established in 1977 as a religious agricultural community.The
community is a part of the religiously observant religious Kibbutz Movement.

Karmit Tzur-
Karmit Tzur was established in 1984 and lies to the south of Beit Ommar and is a national religious community in the municipal jurisdiction of Gush Etzion.

El’azar is a religious agricultural community which was established in 1975. El’azar is and ideological settlement.

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