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9 Aug 2007

On Tuesday, August 7, 2007 Palestinian students received their end-of-year exam marks. It was a day for celebration (for some), and consequently an occasion for fireworks. At approximately 1pm in the village of Al-Jab’a, Betlehem district, these celebrations were abruptly ended when Israeli Occupation Forces invaded the village, detained several male residents, and occupied at least 1 home.
Several jeeps and Armoured Personnel Carriers entered the small village of 800 residents where soldiers closed the road near the school and began stopping and questioning residents. They also forced one man to allow them into his home while his family waited outside. When international activists asked why they were … Continue reading

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9 Jun 2007

The Palestine Solidarity Project organized three consecutive actions together with the Anarchists Against the Wall and the Popular Committee of Hebron. The first action: removing a roadblock in Al Jab’a. PSP, together with other various groups, removed this particular roadblock four times. It blocks the movement of a main road connecting Al Jab’a and Surif, turning a trip that used to take five minutes into one hour. Palestinians must use different roads to ‘bypass’ the Gush Etzion settlement bloc and other Palestinian villages. About 50 people worked together with ropes, sticks, and shovels to remove the three cement blocks. Through much effort and hard work, they … Continue reading

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31 May 2007

Today Palestinians from Sarif and Al-Jab’a’s PSP Committee were joined by members of the Palestine Solidarity Project and Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall in successfully removing a roadblock that blocked movement between the villages of Al-Jab’a and Sarif. During the removal, an IOF jeep arrived. The people continued on. Soon after, a hummer came and the group left temporarily. When the group returned to finish the removal, two more jeeps and ten more soldiers came. Despite the intended intimidation, the people successfully removed the roadblock.

Then the Palestine Solidarity Project and the Anarchists Against the Wall joined Beit Ommar’s Popular Committee … Continue reading

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22 Dec 2006

***Update on abductions in Al-Jab’a***

At 7am on 18 December 2006, Palestinian residents of Al-Jab’a went to try to plow their land near the Beit Shemesh checkpoint and the Apartheid Wall. Six people, including PSP activist Hamza Muhammed Al-Tous, set out with two tractors but were stopped by Israeli soldiers and detained at the Beit Shemesh checkpoint. The soldiers ordered Shadi Muhammed Al-Tous to take the tractors back to Al-Jab’a, and arrested Hamza and Wasfi Ibrahim Abu Latifa. 22-year-old Hamza and 20-year-old Wasfi, both university students, were taken to the Israeli military base in Beit Shemesh. The soldiers confiscated Hamza’s telephone because he had used its camera to photograph the soldiers when they stopped the tractors, fined them 2,000 NIS, and … Continue reading

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21 Dec 2006

Wednesday, three men from Al-Jaba’a, including the mayor and PSP’s liason were taken by Israeli soldiers to an undisclosed detention center. PSP is in the process of trying to locate them. We will send updates as soon as we have them.

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17 Nov 2006

Al-Jaba’a will be the focus of our Olive Harvest activities beginning this week!

The road between the village of Al-Jaba’a and the town of Surif has been closed by the Israeli occupation forces for four years now. This road connects the two areas and its closure makes it very difficult for residents to travel in the area. The Palestine Solidarity Project, in cooperation with Al-Jaba’a residents, succeeded in opening the road by removing the roadblocks, in spite of the violence of the Israeli soldiers against Palestinians, internationals, and members of the Israeli activist group Ta’ayush. The Israeli government considers Al-Jaba’a a “closed area” and will soon begin building the Apartheid Wall around the village, so that there will be one … Continue reading

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10 Nov 2006

This month, PSP will begin it’s olive harvest in the Betlehem and Hebron regions. We will focus on the village of Al-Jab’a who will attempt to plow land close to the settlement of Beit ‘Ain, the residents of which have terrorized the people of Al-Jab’a for years (please see previous reports from Jab’a). This land has not been plowed for over 7 years and belongs to five families. The last time the farmers attempted to plow this land, the settlers attacked them and set fire to their tractors. Therefore, PSP is COLLECTING MONEY to rent two tractors to work this land. International and Israeli activists will join with the PSP committee and the people of … Continue reading

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6 Oct 2006

This afternoon, Palestinian, international and Israeli activists carried out two non-violent demonstrations focused on two illegal roadblocks in the Betlehem region. Roadblocks in al-Jab’a and Beit Ommar were chosen, and the barrier in Beit Ommar was successfully opened. Large forces of occupation soldiers amassed at both demonstrations, and brutally beat many present.

Following Friday prayers in the village of al-Jaba, thirty five internationals and Israelis, and more than forty Palestinians, marched from the village mosque to the earth mound roadblock. The internationals represented the Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP), the International Women’s Peace Service (IWPS), the Christian Peace Makers Team (CPT), while the Israelis were from Ta’ayush, and Anarchists Against the Wall. This … Continue reading

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30 Sep 2006

Today, in the village of Al-Jab’a, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists successfully removed a large section of an illegal earth mound roadblock. The demonstrators were able to achieve their objective, creating a passage wide enough to allow for a service taxi. During the demonstration, occupation military arrived and assaulted Palestinian, international and Israeli activists.

Nearly 100 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists joined together at the junction between the villages of Al-Jab’a and Surif to remove the earth mound roadblock that prevents cars from passing between the villages. The roadblock prevents school children in Al-Jab’a from reaching Surif. It also prevents farmers in Surif and Al’Jab’a from reaching their land via tractor, while … Continue reading

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21 Sep 2006

September 21, 2006, in the village of Al-Jab’a, Palestinian and international activists with the Palestine Solidarity Project partially removed an earth mound roadblock that separates the Palestinian village of Al-Jab’a from the Palestinian village of Surif.

In 2002, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) created the illegal roadblock to prevent the villagers of Surif and the villagers of Al’Jab’a to commute back and forth by car. The roadblock consists of dirt, large stones, at least five massive boulders, and more than nine 2-5 ton concrete slabs and blocks. Presently, Palestinians seeking to reach their village from the neighboring village are forced to approach the barrier by car, unload their goods and crops over the roadblock, and repack … Continue reading