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24 Jul 2014

Please note, because of the rapidly-developing situation in Palestine, our most up-to-date information is available via our twitter account: @PalestinePSP. Please follow us there for breaking news and updates. Below is a summary of the events thus far.

Maan News Agency reports that as of Thursday morning, July 24, 695 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip, over 80% of which, according to the UN, are civilians. The Israeli military bombarded the Khuzaa area in Khan Younis, killing at least 73, with more bodies being pulled from the rubble, according to medics. This, just days after a massacre in Shajaiya, in Gaza district, in which survivors described running for their lives, at times stepping over … Continue reading

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23 Jun 2014
5 Killed, Hundreds Detained, Universities, Media Centers and Community Organizations Raided as Israel Continues Brutal Assault on Occupied Palestine

Israel has been conducting a massive offensive on the West Bank and Gaza since June 13, when 3 Israeli settlers went missing from the Etzion settlement block overnight. While Israeli media and politicians continue to insist publicly that the offensive is directed at Hamas, who it claims is responsible for the disappearance, the actions of the Israeli Forces suggest a very different agenda.

Five Killed in Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus Districts
Israel has said that while the operation (dubbed Operation Brother’s Keeper) is focused on searching for the missing settlers in the Hebron District, from the fist day of the offensive they have used massive … Continue reading

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14 Jun 2014

UPDATE 4/15/2014: More than 80 residents of northern Hebron and nearby villages have been arrested.

Early yesterday, June 13, Israeli and Palestinian news media began reporting that 3 young settler youth were ‘kidnapped’ from the Gush Etzion settlement bloc while hitchhiking overnight. Further reports suggested that the youth were taken from Allon Shavut, a religious settlement inside the Etzion bloc, which is adjacent to Beit Ommar. Israeli forces raided houses throughout the villages northwest of Hebron city throughout Friday and set up several flying checkpoints, but by Saturday morning, June 14th, they had largely withdrawn, while leaving a reportedly heavier-than-usual presence in the center of Hebron city, where tensions between settlers and the Palestinian residents are even higher than … Continue reading

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13 Apr 2014
Beit Ommar 11\4\2014

Beit Ommar 11\4\2014

A new wall in road no. 60 between Gush Etzion and Al-Arub refugee camp
Road no. 60, the main road that goes through the entire west bank (from north to south), passes through the land of Beit Ommar. A new wall was set up during the recent days in the shoulders of the road, which blocks the free access to the road by tractors, people and animals, which generally enter the road in order to use it or to cross it. The estimation is that the concrete wall built now will be the foundation of a future apartheid wall to be built and dispossess more lands from the citizens of … Continue reading

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13 Apr 2014
Fire in the Occupation watch tower of Beit Ommar-11.4.2014

Fire in the Occupation watch tower of Beit Ommar-11.4.2014
The Israeli soldiers use the watch tower in the entrance to Beit Ommar to control and inspect the village entrance. The tower, which is manned 24-hours and 7 days a week with rotation of shifts, caught fire on Wednesday morning as a speculated result of the soldiers’ behavior. The soldiers had put out the fire, and decided to punish the citizens of Beit Ommar, although the fire had nothing to do with the Palestinians. At night, Occupation forces set up a blockade in the town’s entrance and shot
random tear gas around the town.






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18 Mar 2014

The Fourth Women’s Conference Resist for Chance Marking

Under the auspices of Hebron Governor, Mr Khamel Humeid, the 4th Women’s Conference ‘Resist to Change’ was held in Beit Ommar.

Mr. Khamel talked about the important role of Palestinian women in raising her children, while fighting against poverty. He also stressed the    need for developmental organizations to focus on the issue of empowering women.

Mr. Nassri Aubaid, the mayor of Beit  Ommar municipality, talked  about the role of women in fighting against  the occupation. Palestinians wish to live in peace within the borders of 1967. Mrs. Muna  Ammar talked about  the importance of resistance in  Palestinians life … Continue reading

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14 Mar 2014
Several Shot, 1 in Critical Condition, as Israeli Forces Attack Beit Ommar Funeral

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the town cemetery today, during the funeral of Badria Abu Maria, and throw gas grenades and sound grenades, causing injuries and suffocation to the participants. 31 citizens were injured, one of them seriously, a 15 years old boy Mohamed Ahmed Shehadeh Abu Ayyash, was shot in his head with live ammunition from a short distance and was taken to Ahlia hospital in Hebron. He is still in serious condition. Another injured teenager from live ammunition was 18 year old Omar Arafat Isa Zaaqiq, that was shot in his chest and was also taken to a Ahlia hospital by the Red Cross ambulance. Three more teenagers in the age of 15 to 17 were injured by … Continue reading

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12 Mar 2014
Today, 12.3.2014, the Israeli Occupation Forces shot three youth in Beit Ommar

Today, 12.3.2014, the Israeli OccupationForces shot three youth in Beit Ommar
with live bullets. Basheer Izreeq Abu Ayyash, a 16 years old boy was wounded in his left thigh. Another youth was shot in the stomach. Two men were wounded from rubber bullets. In the past two days, clashes have been going in the entrance to Beit Ommar between heavily armed IOF soldiers and defenseless Palestinian youth. The Occupation Forces locked the main gate to Beit Ommar preventing entry and exit of its residents. Beit Ommar is an ancient farming village located in the southern of West Bank. It is surrounded by 6 settlements, built on Beit Ommar land … Continue reading

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9 Mar 2014
The Fourth Women's Conference Resist for Chance Marking

The Fourth Women’s Conference Resist for Chance Marking

Today is an important day in any part of the world. In Palestine, it cannot be different. And in the 103rd international woman’s day, we have had The Fourth Women’s Conference Resist for Chance Marking in Beit Ummar.
In 8th of march, Palestinians and women from many countries have got together to discuss the woman situation in Palestine. As … Continue reading

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27 Dec 2013

PSP, through its community organizing arm The Center for Freedom and Justice has two major tracks for community organizing and development for 2014. Here’s some more about them. We of course will be continuing our work with Palestinian prisoners, popular resistance, and everything else we’ve always done.

1) Empowerment Training for Local Palestinian Leaders

A key part of our work is developing and strengthening the knowledge and skills of local leaders (leaders of nonviolent popular resistance) and, through them, to educate, influence, and unify the larger Palestinian society.

Our focus will be on the values and processes of real democracy, the importance of human rights, the power of mass mobilization, and the possibilities and advantages … Continue reading