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30 Sep 2016
The Israeli Settlements: a Nest of Violence and Hate

Since its invasion of the West Bank in 1967, the state of Israel has launched a vast campaign of colonization throughout the territories. According to the last statistics, in 2015, the occupier state has established 196 settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Moreover, by adding the 232 settler outposts, this colonization policy has captured 45% of the West Bank area. The expansionist ambition of the settlers has no limit and it follows a systematic master plan, which is orchestrated behind the curtain by the Israel government, which put in place various legal policies to confiscate the land from the Palestinians…. Continue reading

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4 Sep 2015
Beit Jala Protest Against the Apartheid Wall

For the second week running Beit Jala marched in protest at the building of Israel’s annexation wall through Palestinian land. Israeli soldiers responded with powerful tear gas and stun grenades.

The Israeli military was waiting as the 200-strong group of men, women and children gathered in the Christian village next to Bethlehem. While a Jerusalem member of the clergy was speaking to TV crews and cameras, soldiers were occupying the roof of a Palestinian home – opposite builders trying to work at the top of a nearby house.

Soldiers fired tear gas as soon as the march began. Several people were treated at the scene for breathing … Continue reading

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18 Aug 2015
Building of the Apartheid Wall Continues: Israeli Destruction of Ancient Olive Trees

This morning the Israeli bulldozers, supported and protected by a big group of Israeli soldiers, destroyed and uprooted some 100 Roman Olive Trees in the area of Bir Owneh/ Wad Ahmad in the west of Bethlehem city. The attacked land, which belongs to 5 Palestinian families from Beit Jala town, is about 30 dunums planted with very ancient olive trees. The purpose of the attack is to continue the construction of the Apartheid wall in that area, and seize more land to be added to the Israeli colony (settlement) of ‘Gilo’.  Continue reading

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24 Jul 2014

Please note, because of the rapidly-developing situation in Palestine, our most up-to-date information is available via our twitter account: @PalestinePSP. Please follow us there for breaking news and updates. Below is a summary of the events thus far.

Maan News Agency reports that as of Thursday morning, July 24, 695 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip, over 80% of which, according to the UN, are civilians. The Israeli military bombarded the Khuzaa area in Khan Younis, killing at least 73, with more bodies being pulled from the rubble, according to medics. This, just days after a massacre in Shajaiya, in Gaza district, in which survivors described running for their lives, at times stepping over … Continue reading

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23 Jun 2014
5 Killed, Hundreds Detained, Universities, Media Centers and Community Organizations Raided as Israel Continues Brutal Assault on Occupied Palestine

Israel has been conducting a massive offensive on the West Bank and Gaza since June 13, when 3 Israeli settlers went missing from the Etzion settlement block overnight. While Israeli media and politicians continue to insist publicly that the offensive is directed at Hamas, who it claims is responsible for the disappearance, the actions of the Israeli Forces suggest a very different agenda.

Five Killed in Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus Districts
Israel has said that while the operation (dubbed Operation Brother’s Keeper) is focused on searching for the missing settlers in the Hebron District, from the fist day of the offensive they have used massive … Continue reading

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17 Apr 2014
British activists condemn US support for Israel 17\4\2014

British activists condemn US support for Israel 17\4\2014 Pro-Palestinian activists have staged a protest outside the US Embassy in London, calling for an end to Washington’s financial support for Israel. The protest was held in the British capital on the occasion of April 15, which marks America’s Tax Day. Demonstrators said American taxpayers unknowingly pay USD 4 to 6 billion to Israel every year in the forms of financial and military aid. They also said the US administration is aiding the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories by using its veto power against any UN resolution condemning Tel Aviv. Protesters carried placards reading, “USA: Stop funding genocide in Gaza,” “What … Continue reading

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13 Apr 2014
Rana (30 years), mother of 4 children,from refugee camp of Amari (Ramallah),arrested in the night on 25/11 / 2013

Rana (30 years), mother of 4 children,from refugee camp of Amari (Ramallah),arrested in the night on 25/11 / 2013. She was detained in Ashkelon detention center and subject to severe beatings that left her in great pain, strip searches, and other forms of humiliation. She was hit in the stomach with the metal detectors they used to search her. When they finished the strip search, they took her clothes and threw them in the corner of the room, forcing her to leave the cell naked. The door of the cell was open and a number of soldiers stood at the door’s entrance. Rana, however, refused to leave the cell naked and … Continue reading

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11 Apr 2014
Right for Movement- 2nd Palestinian Marathon- 11.4.14

This morning, the 2nd Palestinian marathon took place in Bethlehem, a celebration for youth and sports brought some joy and sanity to the participants who ran in three different running tracks: 10Km, half marathon (21.1Km) and marathon (42.2Km). The runners started the race in the Church of Naitivity and ran through Bethlehem different locations:  along the separation wall, through Al Ayda and Ad Dheysheh refugee camps, and in Al Khader village. The marathon was held without Nader Al-Masri, the marathon runner from Beit Hanoun (Gaza) who was restricted from arriving and participating by the Zionist security forces.






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4 Apr 2014
Israeli forces demolish Palestinian homes 3\4\2014

Israeli forces have stormed a neighborhood in the East al-Quds (Jerusalem), demolishing homes and structures belonging to Palestinian Bedouins, Press TV reports.

The Israeli forces raided Jabal al-Baba neighborhood in al-Ezariya town on Thursday morning.
The Israeli bulldozers then demolished a number of Palestinian homes, including two structures belonging to Bedouins of the Jahalin tribe. Some 25 people were living in the two structures.
Jahalin tribesmen were displaced by Israel from their villages in the Negev Desert in 1948. They currently live east and northeast of al-Quds, near the illegal Maale Adumim settlement.
The demolition came without a warning, with a local official saying that the move was part of Tel Aviv’s plan to empty … Continue reading

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3 Apr 2014
Israel killed 12 Palestinians, arrested 364 in March 2\4\2014

Israel killed 12 Palestinians, arrested 364 in March

Twelve Palestinians were killed and 364 arrested by Israeli forces in Gaza Strip and the West Bank during March, a study released yesterday has found.

The information appeared in the annual report issued by Ahrar Centre for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights, which documents the Israeli violations against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the occupied West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.
According to the report, the number of Palestinians arrested from Jerusalem was 83, 81 from Beit Ommar and Hebron, 48 from Jenin, 46 from Bethlehem, 43 from Nablus, 17 from Qalqilya, 13 from Ramallah, 11 from Jericho, eight from Salfit and Tulkarm and six from the … Continue reading