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8 Oct 2006

Palestinian, international and Israeli activists joined together to demonstrate against land theft, road closures and economic isolation by bringing two tons of the surplus Palestinian grape harvest to an occupation checkpoint along Route 60. In a display of civil disobedience akin to the North American Boston Tea Party, the demonstrators hoped to dump the surplus harvest onto the road, but were viciously attacked before they were able to reach the checkpoint.

Al-Khadr is a center for vineyards, as is the Bethlehem area in general. Every year its fertile lands yield 11,000 tons of grapes. Not long ago, these grapes were marketed to the entire West Bank, as well as Jordan, Gaza and Israel. Nowadays, with some … Continue reading

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22 Sep 2006

Six hours. This is how long Palestinians have to wait and submit to control before they can pass the terminal at in the West Bank, which leads either into Israel or further on to the Gaza Strip. The soldiers at the terminal deny this. “All they need is a permission from the District Coordination Office (DCO) and ID-papers and they’ll get through in one minute,” says Schlomo, who is the commander at the terminal.

By three o’clock in the morning the Palestinian workers have already arrived at the terminal. In the best conditions they can pass at nine into Israel with their goods, or on to Gaza via Erez or Karni, the two … Continue reading

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19 Sep 2006

16th September 2006: A Bedouin family near the village of Susia was visited today by a group of internationals and Palestinians working for the PSP (Palestine Solidarity Project). An illegal Israeli settlement has been built to the south-east and the Palestinians’ land is being steadily encroached on. Abed Alrhmam Mousa has lost a huge amount of his grazing land already. In the last couple of days the settlers have erected tents only a kilometer from Abeds family.

They are continually harassed and attacked by the settlers, who come sometimes by night but often in the morning, attacking both the family in their shelter as well as targeting individuals grazing the sheep. At present … Continue reading

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10 Sep 2006

Member of illegal Israeli settler militia

Abu Ayash and his family have owned and tended their land for around 100 years but are now facing increasing violence from the inhabitants of the nearby and ever expanding Israeli settlement Karme Zur. On Sunday, September 10, activists with the Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP) joined the farmer to defy the Israeli DCO (District Co-ordination Office – essential the Israeli army’s administrative wing in the West Bank), and make the harvest under the watchful eye of armed settler ’security’ and Israeli army.

The family owns 3 dunums of land right next to Karme Zur, some of the grapevines reaching out onto the settler road separating the Palestinian land … Continue reading

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1 Sep 2006

September 1, 2006, in the village of al-Khadr, in the Bethlehem region, Palestinian and international volunteers from Palestine Solidarity Project again removed a razor wire barrier serving as a preliminary basis for the Apartheid Wall. During the action, approximately 100 Palestinian and international demonstrators led a non-violent march and were stopped by Israeli Occupation soldiers on their way towards the Apartheid Wall.

The residents of the village left Friday prayers at the mosque and joined with international solidarity activists in a march through the village. The demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and carried a banner reading, “This Wall Imprisons Palestinians in a Ghetto,” written in Arabic and English. After approximately fifteen … Continue reading

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22 Jul 2006

Israeli Colonist Wear: tallis, tzitziyot, and masks

On 22nd July, international activists and Israeli activists joined locals from Suseya to rebuild the roof of a farmer’s home that had been burned by neighbouring Israeli colonists. Suseya, an agricultural village located in the South Hebron hills, repeatedly has come under attack by Israeli colonists in the nearby settlement of the same name.

Following the arson, the family living there temporarily moved out of fear of continued harassment and physical attacks by the colonists. Internationals gathered with the villagers to replace the burnt roof with plastic sheets in order to return the home to a liveable condition. As the group began to lay … Continue reading