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21 Mar 2014
Israel 'destroyed' Islamic archaeological sites in Silwan dig Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Israel Antiquities Authority has destroyed several ancient archeological sites and antiquities as a result of a controversial dig in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage said Tuesday. The authority recently began the final stage of archaeological excavations at the site, which is located in the Wadi Silweh area only 20 meters from the walls of the Old City, the foundation said in a statement on Tuesday. As a result of the excavations, several ancient Islamic archeological sites and antiquities have been destroyed, including a cemetery that dated back to the Abbasid caliphate. Additionally, the dig has damaged relics that date back … Continue reading

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20 Mar 2014
Israel approves construction of more settler units

Israel approves construction of more settler units
  19 March 2014
Israel has approved plans to build more illegal settlement units in East al-Quds (Jerusalem). International Middle East Media Center reported on its website on Tuesday, the Israeli authorities have given the green light to the construction of 182 settler units in the city.The units are to be built inside the illegal settlement of Ramat northwest of the city. The settlement units are reportedly going to be handed to Israeli security forces.
On January 21, Israeli settlement watchdog Peace Now said that the Israeli civil administration, which falls under the ministry of military affairs, plans to build 381 settler units in the Givat Zeev settlement … Continue reading

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20 Mar 2014
Assassinating Palestinian futur

Assassinating Palestinian future, Fascist Israeli occupation forces executed today morning in cold blood the 15 years old Palestinian boy Yousef Shawamrah (15 years) from Dura city south Hebron, Yousef was killed while he was collecting Gundelia tournefortii plant near the apartheid wall (fenced) built illegally on his village’s land. Yousef lost his life simply because he is a Palestinian, according to them “the good Palestinian is the DEAD one”, 19 March 2014.

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10 Mar 2014
Suspend the Israeli Football Association's FIFA membership


Membership of the Israeli Football Association (IFA) should be suspended until Israel respects the human rights of Palestinians and observes international law, thus enabling Palestinian footballers to play and compete nationally and internationally.

Since 1967, Israel has maintained a brutal military occupation of Palestine, building illegal settlements and a separation wall on stolen land, despite condemnation by the UN and International Court of Justice. Within Israel, over fifty laws discriminate against its Palestinian citizens. When influential sports organizations say nothing in the face of an injustice of such magnitude they are complicit.

Commercial and cultural actions worldwide are increasingly demanding an end to Israel’s repressive policies.

It is now time for sports … Continue reading

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18 Feb 2014
Excerpt: Water Torture for the Palestinians

from Haaretz. The full article by Amira Hass can be found here

So here are the facts:

* Israel doesn’t give water to the Palestinians. Rather, it sells it to them at full price.

* The Palestinians would not have been forced to buy water from Israel if it were not an occupying power which controls their natural resource, and if it were not for the Oslo II Accords, which limit the volume of water they can produce, as well as the development and maintenance of their water infrastructure.

* This 1995 interim agreement was supposed to lead to a permanent arrangement after five years. The Palestinian negotiators deluded themselves that they would gain sovereignty and thus control over their water resources.

The … Continue reading

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9 Jan 2014

Sireen Khudiri, 24, Palestinian schoolteacher and organizer, has been arrested once again by Israeli military forces at 4:00 am on January 7, 2014.

UPDATED January 8: Palestinian prisoner activist Myassar Atyani has reported that Sireen Khudiri was released and is returning home to her family.

According to reports she has been taken to Huwwara military point, and showed no papers or warrant to her or the people she was with when she was taken. This follows 8 months of harassment directed at Khudiri, who was previously imprisoned from May to July 2013, and has been subjected to frequent harassment ever since.

Seized by occupation soldiers on May 15, 2013, Khudiri was imprisoned for two months. She was then fined, placed under house … Continue reading

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31 Dec 2013
Pre-Oslo Prisoner: "Palestinian Leadership Must Come from the Prisoners"

[caption id="attachment_7469" align="alignnone" width="300"] Mousa Abu Maria and Riziq Ali Salah[/caption]PSP co-founder Mousa Abu Maria interviewed his friend from prison, Riziq Ali Saeed Salah, who was released in the previous batch of Pre-Oslo prisoners. To date, 26 prisoners arrested by Israeli forces before the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1995 have been released as part of a deal with Israel and the Palestinian Authority. We asked Riziq his thoughts on the prisoner release, the current state of Palestinian politics, the ongoing “negotiations”, and the future of Palestinian resistance.

Torture in Prison

Riziq, from Al Khader village just outside of Betlehem, was arrested in 1993 as … Continue reading

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3 Dec 2013
Give Directly to Palestine!  Support Palestinian Grassroots Organizing

Dear friends and supporters of Palestinian organizing,

It has been quite a year for the Center for Freedom and Justice and Palestine Solidarity Project. Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself: I haven’t heard as much from PSP this year, I wonder what’s been going on? The truth is, this year PSP, through its Center, made a determined shift in work and organizing. As op-ed after op-ed, conference after conference on the subject of Palestine have all suggested, Palestine is in need of a grassroots movement and leadership. So PSP decided to do something about it.

For the last year, PSP Palestinian activists have been meeting and organizing with average Palestinians, focusing on youth, women, and former prisoners to develop … Continue reading

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9 Jun 2013
BDS Conference at Bethlehem University

The Fourth National BDS Conference hosted by the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) took place today at Bethlehem University. The conference lasted from 9am until 5pm and began with recorded messages of Solidarity from Roger Waters and Desmond Tutu. From there, the packed conference room featured interesting and sometimes heated question and answer session with speakers from a wide range of organizations, universities and governmental bodies including the PLO, PACBI, Kairos Palestine, BDS48, Berziet and Al-Najah Universities.

Major topics discussed included how to eradicate and appropriately deal with the problem of normalization both on a popular and administrative level, as well as how to increase the effectiveness of boycotting settlement products both here locally … Continue reading

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8 Jun 2013
Israeli Road Expansion Means Home Demolitions and Confiscation of Beit Ommar Land

We recently received plans for the continuation of route 60; it will start from the roundabout of Gush Etzion and continue to Keryat Arba’. The road will be 30m in width and 8 kilometers in length, built mostly on the land of Beit Ommar as well as Halhul & Se’er. Once begun, it will be forbidden for anyone to live, build or farm on any land within 70m on both sides of the road. In total, the development of the road will mean the confiscation of 1600 Donum of land from the people of Beit Ommar. This, along with the other six settlements that already consume 8000 Donum of Beit Ommar land, will effectively cut the town into two parts. … Continue reading