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6 Jun 2013
Settlers Uproot Local Farmers Olive Tree's for 7th Time In a Year

Thursday June 6th 2013:

Early this morning a group of settlers entered Beit Ommar from Bat Aiyn, a settlement that lies to the south of the village, and attacked the land of local farmer Hammad Abdal Hameed Jaber Saleebi age 75. With covered faces they set to work cutting down more than 20 olive trees and flooding his crops with sewage water leaving his land uprooted and unharvestable. This will mark the seventh in a series of reoccurring attacks taking place on the private property of this farmer and his family this year alone. (One of which left Hammad in the hospital in Hebron for five days with a head wound.) After working for 2-3 hours … Continue reading

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2 Jun 2013
Month Report Newsletter

Month Report Newsletter
On Friday the 3rd of May 2013, dozens of settlers from the settlement of Keryat Arba attacked Beit Omar. They accused the villagers of throwing stones at their cars on the main road that connects Jerusalem and Hebron which passes the entrance to the town of Beit Omar.
On Friday May 10th 2013 clashes broke out in the town of Beit Omar between the IOF and the people of the village. The violence began because the villagers demonstrated their continued solidarity with the prisoners under administrative detention in Israeli jails.
Twenty people were injured in a clashes in the town of Beit Omar between the IOF and the people of Beit Omar, including two head injuries and three other injures … Continue reading

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29 May 2013
Settlers erect tent on hill near Beit Omar

On 26th of May 2013, a group of settlers under the protection of Israeli military began to set up a number of tents in the eastern area of the town in Beit Omar. They proceeded to raise the israeli flag on the tents while the israeli forces were spread out in the surrounding area with a heavy presence on the main road (route 60). They closed off the main entrance of the town preventing people from moving in & out.
Soon clashes started at the main entrance of Karmi Tzur, the israeli forces started shooting tear gas, sound bombs & rubber rounds. Two people were arrested.

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26 Apr 2013
Female Detainee Released from Israeli Prison

On Sunday 21st of April, Manar Zawareh was released after spending one year in an Israeli prison, a statement issued by the Detainees’ Center in Bethlehem said.

The Center arranged an event to celebrate her homecoming and Zawareh called for the release of female detainees in Israeli prisons. She told the participants that there are fourteen female prisoners in Israel’s Hasharon prison and she described the conditions as dire.

The names of the prisoners are Lina Ahmad Jarbony, Salwa Abed Al’zez Hassan, Ala’ Issa Aljo’ba, Hadeel Talal Abu Torky, Asmaa Yousef Albatran, An’am Abed Aljabar Hasanat, Nawal Sa’ed Alsa’de, Muna Hseen Ga’dan, Intesar Mohammad Alsayad, Ala’ Mohammad Qasem Abu Zeton, Naheel … Continue reading

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4 Apr 2013

On March 30th a number of citizens from the town of Beit Ommar joined by Youth Power participated in the town’s weekly demonstration. Demonstrators walked towards an area of land that has been threatened of being confiscated by the Israeli army, which is near Karmie Tzors settlement. The demonstration was in honour of international Land Day.

Protesters raised banners and Palestinian flags demonstrating their right and ownership of the rural land. The occupied forces dispersed after approximately one hour of shooting tear gas, sound bombs and life bullets in the direction of the protestors. The Israeli Occupation Forces arrested the journalist Abed Alhafez Alhashlamon for only a few hours. Soldiers also violently attacked the secretary of the popular committee, Ahmad Abu … Continue reading

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7 Mar 2013
Young Men Detained for Security Questioning

Israeli occupation forces arrested at dawnTuesday February 26th, 5 young men from Arroub refugee camp, the town of Beit Ommer and Yatta near Hebron. Israeli forces raided their homes searching the houses and using sound gernades and tear gas inside civilian property. According to local sources in Arroub refugee camp which is situated north of Hebron, adjacent to the town of Beit Ommar, Israeli military forces stormed the camp and arrested two young men: Mohammed Nizar Titi (18) and Ayman al-Titi (18 years). Local sources in Beit Ommar reported on the same night that occupation forces stormed the village of Beit Ommar and arrested two young men Ahmed Youssef Hassan Khalil (25) and Ahmed Wahid Hassan Sabarneh (22 years). … Continue reading

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5 Mar 2013

This week international media from across the world has been reporting about the imposed new Palestinian only bus lines. The Afikim bus began operating on March 4th, Palestinian-only bus lines will stop Palestinians from boarding buses with Jewish passengers. The bus lines are a controversial matter and are raising the question in international media -Is Israel an apartheid state? In the West Bank the segregation between Palestinians and settlers is a part of the infrastructure of the occupation. Here at PSP we see the new Palestinian only buses as a racially discriminative policy within a system of segregation. The Israeli government has many racially discriminative policy’s effecting the Palestinians. The Law of Return, grants every Jew in the world an … Continue reading

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27 Feb 2013
Attacks by Settlers

In Jerusalem, Ma’an news reported that an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman passed by a Palestinian woman and all of a sudden hit her in the face. Other women, who were on the street joined her and together they started to beat up the woman with force. These kind of violent attacks have been on the rise. In Jerusalem only a few months ago a young Palestinian man was beaten badly by a large group of Jewish settlers. The man is apparently still in hospital none of the Jewish settlers who attacked the young man have been charged or apprehended by Israeli Police.

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24 Feb 2013
Palestinian Prisoner Arafat Jaradat

February 24th 2013

Palestinian Prisoner Arafat Jaradat from the town of Seir, in Hebron in the southern West Bank died Saturday evening in Megiddo prison. The prisoner Jaradat suffered a severe heart attack which led to his death. Jaradat died after 6 days of his arrest. Media sources says the ambulances rushed to the prison and tried to save his life but he had already died of a heart attack before they arrived. The Israeli prison administration said that the deceased prisoner is not among the prisoners on hunger strike. Tensions about prisoners are rising in the West Bank with the worsening conditions of the health of the hunger … Continue reading

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23 Feb 2013
Demonstration to Open Shuhada Street

Today in Hebron city there was a protest at Shuhada Street to be reopened for Palestinians. The street has been seized by Israeli Occupation Forces and is considered a closed military zone for more than eight-teen years, restricting the passage of Palestinian citizen. Despite the fact that the road has been closed to Palestinians for so long today more than 400 Palestinians accompanied by foreign activists gathered to demonstrate their right to pass through the road which leads to Ibrahim’s mosque. Palestinian’s and international activists began the the demonstration on the outskirts of the old city and walked towards … Continue reading