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30 Oct 2008

Hundreds of residents of Betlehem and surrounding villages, including a large contingent from Beit Ommar, were joined by International and Israeli activists as they marched towards the Annexation Wall that cuts deep into the land of Betlehem, near Rachel’s Tomb. Local clergymen gave speeches about the significance of Betlehem in the wider Palestinian cause and called particularly on the international Christian community to support Palestinians under occupation and called for the removal of Walls from their land and hearts. The demonstration was organized by a wide coalition of groups in Betlehem, including Christian congregations, prisoner associations, and other social and welfare groups. The speakers emphasized unity and the commonalities between … Continue reading

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12 Mar 2008

Palestine News Network: for the original article click here

Bethlehem / Najib Farrag – Dozens of Palestinian journalists demonstrated on Wednesday morning at Bethlehem’s Church of Nativity in protest of the Israeli arrest of journalist Hassan Abdel Jawad.

The 53 year old is a member of the board of the Palestinian Journalists Union and also a local newspaper correspondent. Abdel Jawad is currently being held in the Israeli military prison Ofar, built on Ramallah lands.

His arrest came when six members of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine political party were blindfolded, bound and taken away on Monday morning.

Among the demonstrators this morning was Bethlehem Mayor Dr. Victor Batarsa, several police officials, and Palestinian Legislative Council member, Issa … Continue reading

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29 Dec 2007

In a demonstration yesterday orchestrated by the Popular Committee against the Wall in Betlehem and Mubadara movement, led by Mustafa Barghouti, protesters marched against the Annexation Wall in the city of Betlehem. The march began after a regional meeting in the International Center of Betlehem and went directly to a section of the Wall in which a tower stands manned with Israeli Occupation Force soldiers. Demonstrators convened at this portion of the wall, chanted, and many men beat their fists against the Wall in what became an emotionally charged protest against the 8-meter tall Wall which snakes through the streets of Betlehem in order to annex Rachel’s Tomb to the Israeli … Continue reading

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27 Dec 2007

Spend any time in Occupied Palestine and you will hear countless stories of how families are divided by various aspects of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. One such story is that of the Al-Hreimi family, grandfather Yasin, father Jalal, and daughter Samaher Al-Hreimi.

Yasin Hreimi was one of twenty six Palestinians exiled to Gaza as part of a deal brokered between Israelis and Palestinians at the end of a month long Israeli seige of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002. Nearly 200 Palestinian men, women, and children sought refuge in the Church of the Nativity during this seige. The seige was part of a much larger Israeli offensive … Continue reading

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9 Jul 2007

Today, July 9th, 15 hummers from the Israeli Occupation Forces entered Betlehem and occupied the home of Mohammed Khalil Atalah, 40, on Asaf street. Tanks were also brought in and closed the street. They shot live ammunition in the air and threw sound grenades in the streets in an act of intimidation of the residents of the area, including small children. While some soldiers were ransacking the home, including using police dogs, other soldiers beat passersby. Some soldiers were undercover, dressed as Palestinians. After searching the home for approximately 4 hours, Mr. Atalah was arrested.
Betlehem is in Area A, … Continue reading