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30 Sep 2011
Demonstration against  land  grab in Yatta. September 30 th. 2011

September 30 th. 2011: PSP joined residents of Yatta on a land demonstration against the Israeli occupation, continuos expropriation of Palestinian land, and house demolitions.

Yatta with surrounding areas have a population of approximately 120 000 inhabitants. Many of the inhabitants live in small villages in remote areas.

The demonstrators walked towards the place where a couple of settler families have established themselves with miliary guard of no less than thirty soldiers.

The procession passed onto the shut down road, and walked up the hill to the place where five houses repeatedly … Continue reading

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24 Sep 2011
Israeli Army Create Late-Night Checkpoint at Entrance to Beit Ommar, Fire Tear Gas Into Town

Saturday 24 September 2011: Late on Friday night the Israeli army once again entered Beit Ommar. Two military jeeps positioned themselves inside the town – one near the route 60 highway, and another across the entrance to the town.

From these positions, Israeli soldiers sporadically fired tear gas into residential areas of the town, with several cannisters landing in gardens and next to homes.

These attacks came without any provocation, or any response from Beit Ommar residents. In addition to the tear gas fired into empty gardens, soldiers also fired several rounds along an entirely deserted main street.

In addition to the tear gas, … Continue reading

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28 Jun 2011
Beit Ommar resident arrested at Container Checkpoint

Around 2 pm on 27 June 2011, Yousef Abu Hashem was arrested from the Container checkpoint between Bethlehem and Abu Dis. As of 12 pm on June 28, PSP has no further information about when he will be released or charged. Yousef is the son of Beit Ommar National Committee member Ahmed Abu Maria.

Yousef has been arrested from the same area before. In May 2010, the military invaded Yousef Abu Hashem, 17, suffered complications from severe tear gas inhalation and was taken to the hospital after losing consciousness.

On Nakba Day, 15 May 2011, the Israeli military occupied six houses in Beit Ommar, and Yousef was shot in the leg with … Continue reading

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25 Mar 2011
Three Beit Ommar Residents Arrested As Israeli Forces Close Village Streets

On the afternoon of Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Israeli Defense Forces closed the main entrance to Beit Ommar, following the the injury of two settlers in a confrontation between them and several villagers. Israeli military and police lined Route 60, checking vehicles and papers, and arresting 32-year-old Saddam Hussein Za’aqeeq, who is a local taxi driver. No explanation was given for his arrest.

Around 5:00 pm later that evening, a special unit of armed soldiers in civilian clothes entered the village in a white van with Palestinian license plates, and began firing tear gas and rubber-coated ammunition. They were followed by seven IDF vehicles (jeeps … Continue reading

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23 Jan 2011

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Soldiers at a flying checkpoint on Route 60 north of Hebron shot and critically wounded a Palestinian citizen of Israel on Thursday night.

The Israeli military said events around the shooting were unclear.

Security sources identified the man as 28-year-old Jalal Al-Masri, and said he sustained a bullet wound in his head.

Officials said the Israeli report was that Al-Masri disobeyed orders of checkpoint soldiers and was fired on.

According to reports by the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the military is investigating the possibilities that the driver either did not notice the flying checkpoint, or that he intended to harm soldiers and sped toward it.

Hours earlier in the northern West Bank, the Ya’bad Mevo Dotan checkpoint was closed and eyewitnesses said … Continue reading

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29 Mar 2007

Today at 7:55 am the Israeli Occupation Forces used a military attack dog on a Palestinian woman at Ar-Ram checkpoint, between Ramallah and Jerusalem. Eyewitness John, from the Ecummenical Accompaniment program said that as the woman was walking down a side street near the checkpoint the soldiers, without warning, let loose an attack dog which savagely bit the woman’s leg and knocked her to the ground. The soldier then approached with his weapon aimed at her. When John attempted to take pictures to document the attack, the soldiers prevented him from doing so. A Palestinian PSP activist who was at the checkpoint by chance at the time, also witnessed the attack. He was told that … Continue reading