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Al-Jab'a, Direct Action »

21 Sep 2006

September 21, 2006, in the village of Al-Jab’a, Palestinian and international activists with the Palestine Solidarity Project partially removed an earth mound roadblock that separates the Palestinian village of Al-Jab’a from the Palestinian village of Surif.

In 2002, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) created the illegal roadblock to prevent the villagers of Surif and the villagers of Al’Jab’a to commute back and forth by car. The roadblock consists of dirt, large stones, at least five massive boulders, and more than nine 2-5 ton concrete slabs and blocks. Presently, Palestinians seeking to reach their village from the neighboring village are forced to approach the barrier by car, unload their goods and crops over the roadblock, and repack … Continue reading

Direct Action, Hebron District »

15 Sep 2006


On September 15, 2006, Palestinian and international activists, at request of local residents, removed and destroyed large sections of a razor wire barrier erected on Palestinian land in the Hebron region. The fence, which is designed to isolate and bisect a village, was repeatedly cut, metal stakes removed, and the razor wire ripped to be rendered unusable. The activists worked in teams, sabotaging the fence in many strategic areas. By the end of the action, the activists had destroyed large tracts of the barrier, and created more than six entry and exit points in the fence, allowing the residents of this village to move more freely. Each entry/exit point created spanned more than seven … Continue reading