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29 Jan 2012

from the Palestine Monitor
By Dylan Collins

In a hazy room, clouded with cigarette smoke and steam from hot syrup-sweat tea, residents of Kafr ad-Dik and its neighboring villages, along with Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists, excitedly gathered together waiting for the midday prayer to finish. The twenty-seventh of January marked the fourth Friday during which the village of Kafr ad-Dik has staged a nonviolent protest against the annexation of its agricultural land by the Israeli Occupation Authority (IOA).

The village of Kafr ad-Dik, and the greater Salfit District, is located on top of the largest water table in the West Bank, thus providing it with some of the most fertile land in the region. Home to generations upon generations of farmers, Kafr … Continue reading

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11 Jan 2012
Palestinian Activists Stage Car Protest on Israeli-Only Apartheid Road

On Monday, January 9th, 2011, a joint action organized by several Palestinian popular committees saw about 60 demonstrators trying to drive from Jericho to Ramallah on an Israeli-only road. The road was built to facilitate Israeli settler movement to and from settlements in the West Bank and Israeli cities despite the fact that these settlements have continued to be upheld as illegal under international law by the United Nations. The activists were protesting Israeli policies which restrict Palestinian movement in the West Bank, and prohibits them from driving on dozens of Israeli-only roads and highways that are built on lands that were stolen from them in the first place.

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19 Dec 2011

On Saturday, December 17, 2011, several dozen Palestinian women and their children from several villages and towns in the West Bank were supported by a group of Israeli women as they visited Jerusalem, defying the arbitrary Israeli laws that make Jerusalem and the rest of Israel forbidden zones for most Palestinians living in the West Bank. Occupied East Jerusalem is held out by many Palestinians as the future capitol of their state, and it is a city of great religious, cultural, and historical significance to Palestinians. This past Saturday was a continuation of Israeli-Palestinian women actions which challenge the apartheid policies of Israeli Authorities, that have been occurring for the past year and a half.

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26 Nov 2011
November 26th. 2011, Weekly Demonstration in Beit Ommar Towards Karmei Tsur

November 26th. 2011: PSP accompanied with international activists and residents of Beit Ommar arranged a peaceful demonstration against the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur.

As the demonstrators walk towards the settlement with their slogans against the occupation, they discovered that garbage from the settlement had been thrown on their land.

Many soldiers stopped the demonstrators before they even could walk up to the settlement fence. “This is a closed military zone, you are not aloud to walk here,” said the soldiers and showed a paper confirming their message.

The illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur was established in 1984 and has confiscated several hundred … Continue reading

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17 Nov 2011
Palestinian Freedom Riders Challenge Israeli Segregation of West Bank Transportation

On November 15th, 2011, six Palestinian activists were arrested for boarding Israeli settlement buses in the West Bank district of Ramallah. The activists, calling themselves the Freedom Riders, drew inspiration from the 1961 Freedom Rides in the United States, in which young black and white civil rights activists challenged the segregated transportation system across southern states.

Settler buses run by the companies Egged and Veolia, connect Israeli settlements which are built on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank, and deemed illegal under International Law, with cities within Israel proper. Palestinians are not allowed to ride these buses, one of many separate … Continue reading

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28 Oct 2011
Funeral Procession in Beit Ommar led to Shooting of Teargas. [gallery]

October 28th 2011. Loads of teargas was shot into the town of Beit Ommar. Residents of Beit Ommar followed a funeral procession from the mosque in the middle of town to the cemetery close to Route 60 and the Israeli watchtower to burry one of the residents who died of cancer. When the procession arrived at the cemetry, Israeli soldiers surounded it and Israeli jeeps gathered at the entrance of town. The Israeli soldiers closed the main entrance to town and at some point they started to shoot teargas.

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22 Oct 2011
International Activists Join Demonstrators in Beit Ommar

22th October 2011: Accompanied by a big crowd of international and Israeli activists and residents of Beit Ommar, PSP had a peaceful demonstration towards the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur.

The internationals carried slogans for “justice,” “freedom for all”, and “dignity for the Palestinians”.
Slogans supporting freedom for the prisoners and the occupation were also present.
Speeches were held in Arabic, English and French.

The internationals were impressed by the engagment … Continue reading

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19 Oct 2011
PSP Accompanies Farmers for Olive Harvest in Surif

October 19th, 2011, PSP, members from The Popular Committees of Beit Ommar and Surif, several international volunteers, and boy shouts from the area supported Palestinian farmers from Abu Shook in Surif while they harvested their olive trees.

The olive grove is in area C, only a few kilometers from to the segregation wall, and the farmers prefer to be accompanied, due to earlier harassment from Israeli settlers or the army.

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18 Oct 2011
PSP has started to give tours in the West Bank

Palestine Solidarity Project has now started to give tours.

The Solidarity tour programme offers an introduction to the different geographical and cultural regions of the West Bank. The tour is providing its participants with in-depth social, political and historical insights on Palestinian life. Read the full program here. (the program is also available in French, Italian, Spanish and Norwegian).

Watch a short introduction from the Beit Ommar area:

Human rights?

Come and see for yourself.

Use the important and unique possibilty:
Visit Palestine!

For further questions or information. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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15 Oct 2011
Demonstration in Beit Ommar in Solidarity with the Striking Prisoners

15th October 2011: Residents of Beit Ommar accompanied with sympatizers from other villages and internationals arranged a peaceful demonstration against the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur.
The demonstrators went all the way up to the fence on the nothwestern side of the settlement, where they were stopped by soldiers.

The soldiers advanced on the demonstrators who had to retreat. One of the demonstrators was pushed to ground, and injured his arm.
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