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25 May 2015
Palestinian Boy (10) Critically Injured by Rubber Bullet in Jerusalem

A Palestinian child was critically injured after Israeli forces shot him with a rubber-coated steel bullet near the Shufat refugee camp on Thursday, witnesses said. Yahiya Sami al-Amudi, 10, was walking near a checkpoint by the East Jerusalem refugee camp when he was shot by the bullet. He was taken to the Hadassa hospital in Ein Karem with a fractured skull, jaw, and left ear and had surgery to remove his left eye. Medics said he is in a critical condition. 

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8 Mar 2013
Friday Prayers Attacked

Tensions were high in Jerusalem today, Israeli police fired stun grenades at Palestinian worshipper’s in the old city close to AL-Aqsa Mosque. Violence between worshippers and Israeli police broke out when some Palestinian started throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at the soldiers after Friday prayers in Jerusalem’s Old City. Around fifty Israeli military police surrounded Damascus gate the entrance to the Muslim quarter of the old city. Officers entered the the politically charged area which is home to one of Islam’s holiest sites. Palestinian media said at least 15 protesters were injured.

Palestinian media sources say that the violence in Jerusalem … Continue reading

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22 Aug 2012
Beit Ommar Resident Beaten as he Goes to Mosque

Local resident Thaer Mohammed Awad was beaten by Israeli soldiers on Tuesday, August 14, 2012, as he headed to Jerusalem to pray.

The 23 year old was walking to Temple Mount, on the holy Muslim holiday when he was attacked by the soldiers.

After being thrown from a two meter wall, breaking bones and severely cutting his feet, the man was continually beaten despite his screams to ‘stop’. Soldiers then continued to further humiliate the man by making him crawl a distance of fifty meters on his hands and feet. Witnesses to the attack called the ambulance, which transported the man to Hussein Hospital in Beit Jala, where he is now being treated for his fractures.

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24 Jan 2012

From The Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions (a long-time partner of PSP).
Israeli authorities demolished Beit Arabiya (“Arabiya’s House”) Monday, January 23rd for the fifth time, along with structures in the East Anata Bedouin compound. Beit Arabiya, Located in the West Bank town of Anata (Area C) just to the northeast of Jerusalem, is a living symbol of resistance to Occupation and the desire for justice and peace.

As its name suggests, Beit Arabiya is a home belonging to Arabiya Shawamreh, her husband Salim and their seven children, a Palestinian family whose home has been demolished four times by the Israeli authorities and rebuilt each time by ICAHD’s Palestinian, Israeli and international peace activists, before being demolished again last … Continue reading

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19 Dec 2011

On Saturday, December 17, 2011, several dozen Palestinian women and their children from several villages and towns in the West Bank were supported by a group of Israeli women as they visited Jerusalem, defying the arbitrary Israeli laws that make Jerusalem and the rest of Israel forbidden zones for most Palestinians living in the West Bank. Occupied East Jerusalem is held out by many Palestinians as the future capitol of their state, and it is a city of great religious, cultural, and historical significance to Palestinians. This past Saturday was a continuation of Israeli-Palestinian women actions which challenge the apartheid policies of Israeli Authorities, that have been occurring for the past year and a half.

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29 Sep 2011

BETHLEHEM -Israeli forces notified villagers near Bethlehem that their land will soon be confiscated, local residents said Wednesday.
Land owned by 40 families in Battir village – 148 dunums of vegetable, fruit and olive groves – is earmarked for confiscation, villagers said.

According to the notices received by villagers, the area is close to the train line to Jerusalem and next to the East Jerusalem settlement of Gilo, in which Israeli authorities approved the building of 1,100 new homes on Tuesday, sparking international condemnation.

The notification of the Israeli Ministry of Finance’s intention to purchase the lands said the acquisition was for military and security purposes.

Battir resident Nidal al-Zaghir said: the land confiscation “will be a great loss for the … Continue reading

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24 Sep 2010
Palestinians Take to Jerusalem Streets After Killing

by Joseph Dana

“At 3:30 or 4am I heard some noise outside of my window,” Silwan resident Abdallah Rajmi told me as we stood on a narrow street in the middle of a battle between young Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli occupation forces from the Border Police. “I thought it was a simple drunken fight but then I heard a lot of noise coming from the people involved and my neighbors began waking up.”

Silwan is a neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, near the walled Old City, and is the target of an ongoing Israeli government plan to demolish dozens of Palestinian homes and replace them with Israeli settlements and … Continue reading

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22 Aug 2010
Hebron Parade Celebrates Shop Owner Resilience, Sheik Jarrah Protests Continue

Crowds of activists paraded through the old city of Hebron on Saturday in celebration of the old city’s shop owners, who have kept their doors open despite increased pressure by the Israeli military to close up shop. A battalion of high-spirited drummers led a crowd of forty to fifty activists, who handed out certificates of appreciation to the many merchants who have refused to cave to the Israeli military’s increased intimidation and coercion. The Israeli army has been pressuring merchants in the old city to close their stores, blaming the weekly demonstrations in the old city for the increased harassment. By blaming the demonstrators the army has attempted to turn Palestinians against each other, sabotaging community ties and discouraging resistance. … Continue reading

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13 Mar 2010
Friday Demonstrations Gather Steam Under Increased Pressure to Shut Down

In Sheikh Jarrah, the weekly jovial march of Jewish Israelis and Palestinians met at Damascus Gate of the Old City and marched to Sheikh Jarrah, protesting the eviction of the Hanoun, Ghawi and Al-Kurd families, all Palestinians who had lived in the neighborhood of East Jerusalem since the 1950s who were forcibly removed by the Israeli government (one home of the Al-Jurd familiy in July, 2008, the Hanoun and Ghawi households in August, 2009) to allow Jewish families to move in. The families have been living in tents in protest outside of their homes since the eviction. More recently, a group of settlers moved into an annex of another home of the Al-Kurd family, creating even more friction … Continue reading

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7 Mar 2010

On Friday March 5, 14 year old Ehab Barghouthi was critically injured during a demonstration in Nabi Saleh against the theft of agricultural land by the Israeli settlement Halamish. Witnesses say he was shot from less than 30 meters away in the forehead with a rubber-coated steel bullet, which entered his skull just above the right eye. He underwent surgery in a hospital in Ramallah, his prognosis is still unknown. Several youth have been killed with these so-called “non-lethal” weapons, when shot from short range by the regular-issue M-16s the Israeli military uses to fire both live ammunition and rubber-coated bullets.

In Jerusalem on Friday, approximately 3,000 Jews and Palestinians gathered in a soccer field near the entrance … Continue reading