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11 Oct 2011
New Farmers' Committee Planned in Beit Ommar

October 10th 2011: Beit Ommar farmers met today to discuss problems they are facing due to the occupation.
The agenda addressed many serious problems, including land confiscation, land rehabilitation and problems on land adjacent to settlements.

The meeting decided to establish a committee which purpose is to coordinate the work with authorities, NGOs, agricultural organizations, fund raisers etc. When nesassary funding is secured it will be used to restore land, build stonewalls, dig waterwells, provide seedlings, build agricultural … Continue reading

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9 Oct 2011
"Land Grab"  - A New Documentary by PSP

Do you know where the food you buy come from? Do you know what to answer when people ask you why you boycott Israeli goods?

Watch PSP`s new short documentray about Israeli Occupation, lack of water and a new apartheid road.

Watch and read more about the new bypass road here.

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